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Spell check of cast

Correct spelling: cast

depicted, stamped, swing, wave, flip, hold, degenerate, hustle, protrude, ensnare, imitation, pull back, company, blare, compose, sling, effigy, illustration, word form, subordinated, seal, exuviate, suck up, trudge, postage, estimate, bunted, set up, add, figure, foretelling, compress, propulsion, set down, total, presaging, portray, glance, shunt, jut, design, regulate, score, appearance, mockup, dart, mannikin, flatten, reproduce, pattern, toss out, catapult, trace, mien, molding, fire, dismiss, curlicue, build, discard, determine, cuckold, cipher, imitated, ascribe, totalize, frisk, curl, signifier, betray, adjust, paradiddle, pushed, supported, meander, dangle, dramatis personae, beep, clay sculpture, bite, bag, chuck, view, thrust, rationalized, hurtle, big game, invent, snapshot, send away, catapulted, impel, complexion, eviscerate, plaster cast, ramble, geometry, position, blaze, accredit, marshalled, increase, harmonize, goad, screened, photograph, designed, jut out, acrobat, ranked, pealing, moulding, graze, tinge, projected, thrown, draw in, roam, planned, maintained, conjurer, material body, scour, discombobulate, condition, ordered, go through, cartoon, stick out, expulsion, upchuck, chart, expend, cast aside, augury, comedian, organize, connect, set, tender, representation, gleam, shooting, capture, establish, strategize, shaped, structured, group, sum, disembowel, attach, knock off, befuddle, sculpture, depict, drift, point, mediated, modeled, throw-off, aver, plaster bandage, methodized, flush, prognosticating, pelt, assign, schematize, cane, pass, fox, fancy, crop, see, model, braces, eye, charted, sorted, attributed, reckon, cite, wheel, programmed, wrap, fired, divagate, visualize, commit, peek, externalize, gander, righted, control, phase, throw away, bronze, angling, pull in, production line, spill, embodiment, goaded, arranged, classify, configuration, characterize, frame, shape, float, pluck, right, give, soma, method, illustrated, gag, forecasting, facsimile, show, turn over, styling, maintain, impression, bemuse, influence, branded, cast out, simulated, conformation, be adrift, normalized, undulate, duplicated, demeanor, revolve, separate, gyre, light, metaphor, quality control, invest, pose, enumerate, bowl, work, visage, threw, delineate, roll, classified, pat, cited, shade, guide, tincture, connected, drove, lay out, visualise, excogitate, scheduled, bearing, dribble, blamed, projection, carve, replica, lay, throw up, replicate, shake off, orchestrated, retch, rank, illustrate, schemed, force, classed, turn, regorge, depiction, sink, bewilder, scroll, compel, heave, fuddle, confound, eruct, ptyalise, set out, err, molded, prepare, tint, cant, dress rehearsal, hunt, prognostication, hurl, sculpted, freewheel, drop, display, drop off, shed, refer, survey, marked, rationalize, Gemini, established, normalize, confuse, descriptor, sculpt, level, manikin, attract, draw off, blame, sort, picture, disgorge, pour forth, bristle, reason, search, categorize, canted, manakin, pastiche, flap, avow, reap, actress, vomit up, direct, switch, project, carving, surface, support, send off, unsnarl, flick, formulate, methodize, claxon, formed, acknowledge, clown, canteen, tossed, attribute, relief, the factory floor, chassis, countenance, tie, balanced, contrive, contour, astrology, label, forecast, impute, grouped, marshal, miniature, flesh, conveyor, pigeonholed, plan, hurled, vista, duplication, deem, bust, calculate, arrayed, footslog, pretermit, framed, irradiate, count, cheat, idol, quest, heaved, auguring, take in, approximate, foot, couch, accredited, anatomy, put down, arrange, sick, bedevil, soothsaying, slough, quarter, slung, duplicate, neglect, check on, photographed, face, forge, conceive, peep, rendering, course, butted, referred, pigeonhole, shoot, shot, rate, rove, look, drip, figurine, air, plot, bodement, actor, plotted, systematize, spew, imitate, stabilized, spectacle, Aries, claw, verify, flicked, toss away, mildew, unified, cast away, shove, precipitate, prodded, soak up, grouping, audition, propelled, bracket, roll out, mediate, integrated, pull, dispose, stamp, head, dressing, get out, attached, be sick, portrayed, prognostic, number, affirm, lob, sifted, comic, scheme, prognosis, driven, rendered, stratify, classification, take up, replicated, weave, glow, whorl, axial motion, buck, harmonized, drum roll, assorted, imbibe, organized, represent, propel, predicting, rolling, copied, purge, scored, drop down, variety, effect, ramble on, sanctify, bankroll, roller, structure, omit, run, compelled, chuck out, brand, schematized, drawing, fixed, represented, capital goods, place, throw, cheat on, overleap, toss, absorb, sift, ejection, rolling wave, assort, move, glimpse, silhouetted, emit, jog, recast, aim, envision, flung, compute, devised, physical body, strike down, straddle, peal, assembly line, cast of characters, fling, var., propose, dash, pelted, fell, physique, artiste, blueprint, string, array, cotton ball, astrological, impelled, have, ram, slog, integrate, burrow, screen, toot, sight, frame up, splint, work out, ditch, inspect, beach, swear, get, assigned, discharge, launch, read for, bandage, act, account, cross section, analogy, image, revenue stamp, seethe, category, unload, settled, stray, dope out, send packing, aspect, systematized, imputed, disposition, deteriorate, push, the casting couch, pull out, vagabond, bod, draw up, train, acknowledged, separated, roll up, spew out, cardboard cut-out, seek, drive, Aquarius, cronk, approximation, credited, thread, program, zero in, subordinate, strain, bowled, molt, range, redact, stabilize, assert, tone, ascribed, fix, escape from, variant, astrologer, plod, placed, miss, gaze, browse, take out, devise, sop up, credit, blood sports, unsnarled, lobbed, casting, pasture, kind, form, type, vaticination, staff, legal tender, rammed, shoved, line, swan, conveyor belt, human body, prophecy, externalise, silhouette, applied, hue, purify, coil, modeling, look around, gore, adjusted, corset, entrap, pad, launched, honk, artist, orchestrate, sum up, blend, frame in, vomit, troupe, collar, edit, twine, wind, mark, exploded, digress, miscast, examine, bait, labeled, composed, bun, settle, regulated, outline, categorized, flash, cutaway, likeness, apply, puke, typed, cast-off, roster, ringlet, aped, radiate, mold, bunt, comedienne, postage stamp, drag, chucked, pitched, describe, devolve, shunted, stare, graded, precipitated, color, controlled, flare, statue, Band-Aid, throw out, draw, consider, cameo, render, mould, cut down, draw and quarter, make, spend, collate, stratified, overlook, tot, cotton, designate, prod, shake, simulate, ape, class, expression, collated, sparkle, border, mannequin, fashion, put away, order, regurgitate, taxonomy, approximated, shine, pitch, outlined, balance, Capricorn, rated, withdraw, bronzed, spue, regard, axial rotation, leave out, glare, put, externals, blow, wander, cat, grade, locker room, shy, Cancer, moult, ptyalize, pestle, carved, unify, schedule, prepared, designated, portrayal, copy, lunge, puff.

keep down, raw material, material, composition, substance, stuff, achromatism, matter.

Examples of usage:

1) We read that the Lord showed him a tree, which when he had cast into the waters, the waters were made sweet. - "The Expositor's Bible: The Book of Exodus", G. A. Chadwick.

2) He cast a wistful glance at the young man's face as he spoke. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.

3) Here he cast himself on the bed and closed his eyes. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.