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Spell check of duplicate

Correct spelling: duplicate

parallel, burlesque, recapitulate, even, model, retell, caricature, parroted, mimic, twinned, repeat, couple, emulate, imitate, uniform, retroflex, bi-form, carbon, replication, run off, mimicked, facsimile, collimate, simulation, mirror, dead ringer, assumed, quoted, restate, match, mock, portray, reprize, multiply, paired, procreate, biform, repetition, crease, simulate, gemination, parody, recurrence, dyadic, take over, second, two, portrayal, aped, photograph, consistent, bilateral, original, double up, companion, photocopy, counterpart, quote, pseudo, double, impersonated, matching, silhouette, parrot, ditto, part, reproduce, double-barreled, parodied, recite, image, replicated, emulation, likeness, double-faced, equivalent, transcript, matched, repeated, echo, another, forge, correlate, imitative, mimicry, cast, iterated, reproduction, pair, copy, duplication, spoof, interchangeable, dub, spear carrier, fake, fellow, reprise, sham, coequal, recur, travesty, clone, reiterated, mime, illustrate, twin, mate, same, recurring, resemblance, spitting image, alike, portrait, approximate, geminate, recapitulated, represent, imitation, replica, trace, bifurcation, Xerox, double over, outline, twofold, resemble, transcribe, picture, binary, duplex, dual, reflect, depict, reproduced, simulacrum, feign, flatter, tracing, different, two-fold, two-sided, echoed, render, reflection, two-faced, counterfeit, pretend, indistinguishable, ingeminate, reiterate, dualistic, simulacre, reduplicate, ape, mockery, look-alike, representation, bifurcate, forgery, duo, ringer, carbon copy, steady, icon, identical, copied, iterate, impersonate, supernumerary, twice, replicate, extra, knock off, reduplication, duple, impersonation, analogue, fold, pretense, equal, bifurcated.

mismatched, dissimilar, distinct, model, miscellaneous, varied, pattern, diverse, original, sundry, different, archetype, prototype, various, discriminable, other, unalike, distinguishable, unlike, divers, disparate, nonidentical, distinctive, differentiable, distant.

Examples of usage:

1) I'll undertake," said he, looking around him,-" I'll undertake to furnish you with a gallery, in every respect the duplicate of this, for- let me see- say three hundred pounds. - "The Martins Of Cro' Martin, Vol. II (of II)", Charles James Lever.

2) Fortunately we had a duplicate point, which was quickly fastened. - "My Attainment of the Pole", Frederick A. Cook.

3) But don't people generally get a duplicate of a paper of this kind? - "A Prairie Courtship", Harold Bindloss.