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Spell check of duplication

Correct spelling: duplication

replication, dupe, fetch, copy, approximation, impression, counterfeit, spoof, procreation, reduplication, cast, carbon copy, mock, counterpart, snapshot, pretense, outline, image, reflection, iteration, look-alike, likeness, mimicry, replay, parallel, emulation, duplicate, reprise, recurrence, picture, dummy, cartoon, travesty, quote, drawing, illustration, reproduction, copying, pseudo, representation, reiteration, carving, figurine, clone, statue, impersonation, recapitulation, ringer, miniature, recitation, alter ego, silhouette, echo, mirror image, repetition, twin, caricature, gemination, facsimile, photograph, redo, parody, portrayal, match, metaphor, extra, resemblance, replica, transcription, idol, carbon, simulation, imitation, renewal, mirror, sham, model, doppelgänger, analogy, depiction, effigy, spitting image, burlesque, double, pastiche, bust, mockery, rendering.

opposite, prototype, reverse, original, archetype, antithesis, converse.

Examples of usage:

1) Thus in words, in sentences, we may describe the cutting of a single leaf; but only in the imagination can we visualize the cell- like or crystal- like duplication of this throughout all the great forests of Guiana and of South America. - "Edge of the Jungle", William Beebe.

2) The duplication of the canals is perhaps the most difficult problem which Mars offers to us for solution. - "The Story of the Heavens", Robert Stawell Ball.

3) The very obvious explanation that the whole duplication is an optical illusion has been brought forward more than once, but never in a conclusive manner. - "The Story of the Heavens", Robert Stawell Ball.