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Spell check of grade

Correct spelling: grade

mannikin, cut, association, dam, invest, chump, set out, check, lay, soma, graduation, contour, variant, descriptor, upgrade, configuration, pose, crisscross, scratch, cant, range, signifier, slide, design, hit, inch, peg, value, scale, human body, stock, order, label, inclination, sort, point, story, cross off, var., stratum, par, level, plan, slip, target, stabilize, rake, roam, fix, circle, kind, course of instruction, degree, plot, rung, score, grievance, consecrate, nock, rubric, spirit level, category, place, gradation, diagonal, commemorate, pasture, acclivity, collate, unsnarl, big, ordinate, variety, marking, tick off, phase, bod, course, academic degree, ascent, scotch, bracket, position, run, alumna, succeed, year, declivity, dictate, bull's eye, mug, flesh, horizontal surface, direct, prescribe, soft touch, type, caliber, balance, slope, metric, localise, stigmatize, pigeonhole, arrange, material body, mongrel, cross, commit, plunge, heel, series, lean, figure, right, orchestrate, mold, fool, first floor, punctuate, yardstick, chassis, send, amplitude, devise, regularise, compose, mannequin, physique, tell, people, club, control, regulate, regularize, manakin, maintain, ordain, note, stigmatise, strain, strike off, pit, swan, say, incline, elevation, wander, deflate, ground level, taxonomy, step, scheme, bar, line, plane, scrape, array, crop, quality, roll, cast, stripe, list, word form, pock, criterion, conformation, grain, graduate, straddle, coterie, home run, tag, pitch, downgrade, locate, mediate, gull, barometer, pattern, grad, intensity, sign, tier up, style, social class, genus, decline, screen, track, species, socio-economic class, musical score, division, comedown, graze, rove, subordinate, come in, bell ringer, squish, sift, physical body, browse, mixture, class, drift, settle, standing, smooth, put, course of study, prosper, account, notch, classification, sexual conquest, denomination, stage, distinguish, climb, persuasion, extent, term, set, phylum, vagabond, schedule, mark off, ramp, print, tilt, tip, site, tally, clan, stratify, localize, stamp, ilk, make, tick, improved, status, race, organize, straight, chapter, caste, course of action, fall guy, row, methodize, seduce, differentiate, designation, feather, family, harmonize, be, standard, kingdom, chart, coat, come out, frame, footing, lay out, touchstone, drop, marker, notice, surface, flatten, descent, integrate, company, fall, stigma, cross out, unify, govern, rationalize, scar, outrank, clique, strike out, measure, enjoin, achieve, rate, hill, mark, path, benchmark, station, adjust, categorize, build, compress, set up, brand, even, tier, storey, height, stain, layer, manikin, denounce, group, ground floor, establish, aim, shape, form, league, floor, anatomy, gradient, trend, state, structure, normalize, patsy, separate, rank, identify, breed, potential, magnitude, stray, ramble, post, hybrid, marshal, alum, support, tangent, check off, rise, arcdegree, systematize, alumnus, fill, prepare, rack up, causeway, genotype, gold standard, schematize, grudge, classify, program.

declination, dip, declivity, declension, deviation, aberration, descent, abnormality, hang, receding, fall, downgrade, decline, hanging.

Examples of usage:

1) The professional speculator is merely a high grade gambler, and he always winds up a loser. - "Dollars and Sense", Col. Wm. C. Hunter.

2) We descended from this high land by an easy grade, and made an early camp. - "Memoirs of Orange Jacobs", Orange Jacobs.

3) Printed from entirely new plates, on a superior grade of book paper. - "Only One Love, or Who Was the Heir", Charles Garvice.