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Spell check of aim

Correct spelling: aim

grade, exact, course, find, signal, target, tendency, capture, cast, throw, planned, look, puzzle, schedule, develop, beat, claim, quest, arrive, contrive, pretension, calculate, cypher, mystify, anticipation, count, set, luff, way, commit, force back, production, let, prepare, show, mark, volunteer, pack, strike out, carry, scram, track, start, forecast, swing, ambition, essay, fetch, sharpen, hold, point, plot, make, plan, catch, study, ideal, turn, will, utter, fix, demand, resolve, localise, train, civilise, manoeuvre, proposition, premeditate, lunge, strategy, subscribe to, groom, forethought, grow, suffer, select, excogitation, stalk, contemplate, effort, become, go, coordinate, withdraw, lead, manoeuver, designing, engineer, take aim, set about, anticipate, charter, destination, goal, amaze, remove, check, approach, come out, depend, nominate, talk, get under one's skin, begin, comportment, lodestar, carriage, propose, stupefy, flummox, vector, take, conception, calculation, search, exploit, mien, route, site, organize, read, envisage, deal, strike, account, sire, expectation, posture, perplex, force, nonplus, orchestrate, vex, pick out, take up, undertake, take away, take on, chase, engage, harry, post, zero in, hit out, consideration, end, invest, pop the question, stick, father, range, submit, get down, scenario, deed, fill, quarry, hurl, need, condition, bet, estimate, declare oneself, ingest, enterprise, beget, blueprint, prospectus, engender, coach, coordination, come in, object glass, station, pose, position, push back, draw, mastermind, invention, orientation, performance, convey, direct, hire, lob, channelise, undertaking, ride, bring forth, attempt, proceed, say, civilize, send, header, commence, perform, arrange, look at, push, lay, pursuit, incur, ask, contract, proposal, direction, intend, experience, profession, subscribe, conduct, fling, mother, level, buzz off, armorial bearing, inclination, pattern, admit, verbalize, gallery, bear, seek, pursue, endeavor, sleuth, guide, rail, pitch, adopt, pay off, cipher, bespeak, bring, accept, lease, wish, sustain, reckon, conceive, presence, locate, fair game, maneuver, shoot for, contain, consider, invent, start out, enunciate, adventure, labour, beat back, indicate, bewilder, engagement, localize, object, pay back, educate, channelize, get, slash, motor, repulse, place, choose, chart, drift, set out, call for, suggest, designate, produce, spirit, acquire, receive, have, occupy, use up, design, determination, address, work out, arrest, policy, aspiration, put, use, head, physical object, premeditation, agenda, aspire, swipe, steer, innovation, rent, drive, film, shoot, strike at, choice, life work, require, assay, gravel, purport, follow, dumbfound, tail, identify, mission, come, bugger off, offer, act, proceeding, intention, trail, count on, learn, tug, path, repel, project, order, strive, venture, vocation, labor, postulate, scheme, job, cause, discipline, orient, bearing, hunt, lash out, rate, function, intent, thing, take in, assume, induce, purpose, organise, commitment, ram, advise, obtain, gambit, get hold of, toss, target area, contrivance, draw a bead on, school, plan on, repoint, generate, dream, involve, mean, idea, consume, dog, compute, communicate, arrangement, stimulate, bourne, location, charge, necessitate, trend, heading, figure, speak, prey, rank, taper, heraldic bearing, meaning, betoken, cultivate, procedure, expect, mind, objective, baffle, itinerary, action, role.

thoughtlessness, aimlessness, carelessness, means, avoidance, oversight, purposelessness, heedlessness, way, method, negligence, neglect.

Examples of usage:

1) The aim is high enough to begin with! - "My Lady of the Chimney Corner", Alexander Irvine.

2) He became very frightened and wanted to aim his rifle at us. - "In Desert and Wilderness", Henryk Sienkiewicz.

3) But now it is necessary for you to learn to aim. - "In Desert and Wilderness", Henryk Sienkiewicz.