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Spell check of action

Correct spelling: action

carry out, locomotion, bring through, inspiration, reach, prosecution, exercise, sue, conduct, run, put through, operation, attempt, cause, essay, indictment, industry, hustle, implement, gambit, motive, procession, movement, maneuver, determinant, root, manipulation, adventure, vigor, blow, progress, mobility, readiness, turmoil, instance, deed, affidavit, grounds, act, kinetics, drive, fill, keenness, trial, transition, citation, speed, work, implication, undertaking, dealings, save, basis, origination, commission, initiative, litigation, geste, alacrity, passage, transaction, effectuation, way, ambition, suit, response, execution, deportment, thrust, compulsion, development, march, evocation, combat, engagement, performance, process, agility, doing, motivator, go through, treat, compunction, source, endeavor, motility, elicitation, quiet, be, serve, contract, story, follow up, charge, claim, bodily function, demeanor, bearing, litigate, work on, rush, provocation, natural process, project, stunt, field, go, handiwork, exploit, story line, plot, follow out, activity, feat, functioning, haste, performing, address, count, effect, enterprise, liveliness, natural action, actions, case, move, execute, job, lawsuit, pull through, enforcement, life, body process, exertion, consummation, stimulus, bout, dash, attain, mainspring, proceeding, bustle, allegation, venture, achievement, commotion, business, bodily process, meet, military action, complaint, motion, fighting, stirring, commitment, production, conflict, hearing, grievance, do, swear out, aim, step, carry through, force, battle, live up to, action mechanism, rest, satisfy, animation, occupation, writ, put to death, summons, fulfill, law, stir, flurry, achieve, energy, accomplishment, generation, effort, legal action, unfolding, fulfil, assay, vivacity, factor, subpoena, activeness, follow through, flux, accomplish, accusation, doings, practice, perform, labor, behavior, action at law, aggressiveness, thing, purpose, approach, comportment.

quiet, lethargy, timidity, suffering, faintheartedness, cessation, quiescence, passion, reluctance, rest, diffidence, laziness, immobility, passivity, inactiveness, inaction, suspension, hesitation, endurance, indolence, inertia, inactivity, deliberation.

Examples of usage:

1) They tell me that no action can lie on it. - "The Martins Of Cro' Martin, Vol. II (of II)", Charles James Lever.

2) When action began, the feeling came that no time must be lost. - "My Attainment of the Pole", Frederick A. Cook.

3) At a point four thousand miles from the scene of action, he again cried, " Impossible!" - "My Attainment of the Pole", Frederick A. Cook.