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Spell check of follow

Correct spelling: follow

issue forth, run, meet, arrive, exist, find, cut, twig, amount, discover, live, descend, arrange, supplant, get hitched with, establish, see the light, keep company, order, watch out, turn out, dig, describe, track, prosecute, dialog, replace, deliver the goods, prolong, heed, dog, dramatise, derive, flow from, comprehend, surveil, press, stick with, stray, deduce, take in, allegory, take note, attach to, search, come about, remark, add up, add up to, hike, ascertain, come out of, ken, honour, destine, bathos, serve, time, imitate, preserve, thread, quest, same, link, acquire, regard, practice, carry on, pass, support, fathom, come after, accept, go behind, keep abreast, go on, aim, neglect, get, device, chase, total, take, pursue, believe, retrace, go, transit, grow out of, stand over, room, comply, approach, come through, unfold, occur, number, step, head, copy, concatenate, mirror, stick, equal, arise, drop out, fall, celebrate, ensue, go along, keep, harmonize, hook up with, rank, constitute, come out, keep to, pattern, accord, dramatic irony, play along, cost, follow up, concentrate, bird-dog, follow around, go after, take place, engage, intend, make out, recognize, afterthought, personify, come up, get around to, abide by, emulate, bond, string, walk, model, go with, reflect, practise, tail, company, conform to, take after, transpire, get down to, espouse, hail, profess, chain, live on, come, impend, saunter, know, stroll, dramatize, keep an eye on, hunt, supervene, come in, companion, mind, keep up, quest for, align, come to pass, get married, bring home the bacon, compass, represent, detect, notice, harry, sustain, see, watch over, string along, begin, postdate, navigate, deus ex machina, hold fast, work out, read, end in, travel, mimic, take over, alternate, take up, undertake, start, match, learn, follow on from, conform, conceive, trek, focus, befall, proceed, appraise, follow up on, continue, walk on, honor, strive, listen in, disregard, attend to, turn to, note, embrace, anthropomorphic, hap, dialogue, grasp, eventuate, make up, endeavor, sleuth, pay attention, embody, act on, hone in on, get along, listen, observe, happen, apprehend, stick to, precede, dive in, win, conjoin, line, mention, accompany, cover, comprise, understand, succeed, adhere, watch for, draw, flow, Be, hear out, come with, forge ahead, amble, check, characterization, fit, start on, do, travel along, cross, carry out, progress, savvy, conserve, take notice, adhere to, tag, go over, go to, hound, develop, delineate, manage, hear from, review, wed, eye, peregrinate, adopt, aspire, seek, live by, fare, sense, marry, sort, lag, look on, perambulate, quest after, eavesdrop, watch, trace, spy on, wander, trail, sweep up, survey, cause, go without, take on, look out, array, attend, maintain, goose-step, result, sequence, lead, stalk, catch, bind, borrow, course, zero in on, find out, queue, decipher, pass off, obey, set about, respect, stride, assume, determine, fall out, shadow, move, view.

deride, flout, infringe, overlook, antecede, head, contest, mutiny, forego, oppose, buck, repudiate, discount, dare, ignore, revolt, fight, pilot, wink, antedate, defy, refuse, snub, brush, scoff, break, pooh-pooh, brush off, neglect, combat, mock, guide, disobey, gloss, direct, precede, dismiss, rebel, come before, gloze, renounce, pass over, lead, scorn, resist, predate, overpass, disoblige, transgress, disregard, dispute, breach, challenge, violate, shrug off, withstand, slight, blink.

Examples of usage:

1) Yes, I'll follow in a minute. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.

2) Shall we follow the rest? - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.

3) Let him follow us. - "In Desert and Wilderness", Henryk Sienkiewicz.