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Spell check of bear

Correct spelling: bear

hold in, reserve, gnu, redeem, transport, consume, coyote, badger, cart, arachnid, provide, produce, entertain, stand, patronage, reside, sham, ibex, stomach, accompanied, gestate, move, usurp, conceptualise, live on, have, leap out, growler, arrive, erect, roll, crank, giraffe, linger, cavy, abominate, return, abide, bellyacher, live, skunk, corroborate, go by, simulate, restrain, black bear, take up, ox, maintain, act, harbor, fatigue, turn up, crab, griper, antelope, spread out, affirm, discharge, take in, chuck out, remove, watch, exile, tin, ante up, conceive, dwell, brave out, take for, take hold, turn back, demean, dribble, nurse, approximate, ask, confine, sojourn, parallel, draw, koala, nominate, complainer, arthropod, sourpuss, anticipate, show, grump, chinchilla, endure, marionette, headache, yield, stag, weasel, approach, obligate, big game, fork up, direct, guide, adduce, view as, baby blues, deplore, baptize, jump out, hate, cut, get, tarry, rescue, bide, give, bear up, carry on, hold out, keep back, strike, tend, feature, go on, acquit, agree, prevail, amniotic fluid, impart, guard, own, buy up, induce, devote, llama, yak, substantiate, declare, caribou, buckle under, incorporate, advance, seize, glove puppet, receive, remain, wolf, bid price, arrest, aim, curmudgeon, retain, express, oblige, suffer, dromedary, name, fall apart, bull, head, abhor, pig, place upright, turn off, turn out, weary, mouse, conduct, correspond, seem, stimulate, crosspatch, compensate, plunk for, convey, adult, echidna, shrew, plump for, experience, wait, repeat, cat, give in, concur, fusser, keep, deem, inhabit, swine, fend, accept, get up, bearish, set up, accord with, relate, tingle, stop, mutterer, possum, put up with, boot out, offer, sustain, patronise, dingo, withstand, give way, beast of burden, expatriate, await, turf out, live with, send, hand puppet, domiciliate, opossum, hold, bison, propel, bobcat, dispatch, press, wear off, manhandle, look, comprise, afford, allow, anti-choice, camelopard, project, extradite, deport, name after, polecat, digest, stock, surrender, pay, back, mink, display, clear, hog, outwear, confirm, tolerate, render, rate, generate, whiner, stay, bring forth, acquire, hump, sable, rotate, succumb, prove, throw, rest, elephant, tire, leopard, anteater, comport, fetch, ferret, turn in, the afterbirth, protrude, grumbler, persuade, mongoose, murmurer, brace, attract, take over, condense, deer, push, lead, budge, bind, rat, angora, hedgehog, remain firm, fend for, grant, borrow, underpin, carry, exculpate, raise, bloom, uprise, donkey, number off, concentrate, alpaca, sloth, break, moderate, patronize, concord, meet, hare, take for granted, fox, arise, can, knuckle under, schlep, move over, fag out, brook, get into, wear thin, ocelot, book, accommodate, gazelle, undergo, lynx, ermine, antenatal, house, take, have on, moose, lump, strike out, detest, fade, choke, rich, bear market, buffalo, bristle with, exonerate, stand up, shoulder, hippopotamus, check, hyena, gopher, beaver, platypus, match, jaguar, wear upon, bull market, prop up, let, have a bun in the oven, go, pass, deal, lose, have got, make up, kangaroo, come up, amount to, don, hand over, vector, pay up, answer to, call, lift, permit, shift, cede, wombat, lemming, put on, squirrel, porcupine, run, contribute, stick out, blossom, brave, call after, back up, feel, hurt, bar, persist, puma, pack, catch, fix, arctic fox, pitch, baby shower, otter, give up, stoat, rabbit, stockpile, marmot, raccoon, dog, nourish, do, tire out, mule, dislike, cow, wear out, zebra, doll, broker-dealer, transmit, eject, behave, hold up, be, job, burro, over, wear down, relent, labor, wallaby, persevere, bear out, relieve, christen, require, harbour, transfer, ease up, uphold, give up to, shore up, elk, amphibian, overflow, put forward, jut, defend, go for, expect, extend, apply, bud, ingest, arrogate, conceptualize, loathe, come out, fork out, bullish, jackal, panther, puppet, contain, burn, lion, weather, steer, bust, appertain, cub, bat, stand out, last, croaker, biped, pay off, cheetah, refer, give birth, bid, indorse, goat, lodge, horse, support, relevant, deliver, quit, concede, coincide, chipmunk, obtain, tiger, grouser, bring, bighorn sheep, put up, tote, assume, set out, control, lug, concern, owned, reindeer, resist, bondholder, jump, sheep, continue, assoil, soften, feign, subscribe, cougar, exhibit, grow in, mole, exclude, drive home, rise, shunt, die hard, pertain, amniocentesis, cause, ache, animal, survive, rhinoceros, present, hamster, golly, camel, channel, take on, presume, adopt, possess, save, climb, endorse, consent, beast, rear, sway, hold back, buy out, halt, walk away with, post, wear, despise, switch off, absorb, die back, jade, panda, grouch, dolly, splay, make, golliwog, fork over, haul, rag doll, curb, admit, birth, confront, keep going, adjudge, defy, jut out.

proceed, optimist, duck soup, avoid, shun, setup, depart, snap, journey, forfeit, move, migrate, reject, resist, child's play, Pollyanna, abandon, breeze, kid stuff, cinch, bull, forfend.

Examples of usage:

1) The same came for witness, that he might bear witness of the light, that all might believe through him. - "The Expositor's Bible: The Gospel of St. John, Vol. I", Marcus Dods.

2) No; he was not that light, he could but bear witness of that light. - "The Expositor's Bible: The Gospel of St. John, Vol. I", Marcus Dods.

3) Oh, it's so dreadful I can't bear to speak of it. - "Marjorie Dean High School Freshman", Pauline Lester.