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Spell check of address

Correct spelling: address

holler, occupant, turn, position, home, citation, engineer, talk, vote of thanks, geste, speak, savoir-faire, parcel out, consultation, court, predict, buckle down, extension, buttonhole, destination, presentation, devote, dish out, location, cover, bring forward, apportion, computer address, track, bespeak, overlay, hook, harangue, organize, underwrite, lecture, goal, call off, move, solicit, tackle, deal out, come up to, give, call, credit, cut through, digital signature, language, palm, enter, abode, character, look at, head, issue, do by, trade, cost, continue, declamation, mention, quarters, manoeuvre, invite, speech, label, deliver, dole out, prayer, lot, administer, character reference, environment, name and address, traverse, words, Boolean, solicitation, appeal, accost, entreat, steer, point, beseech, copy in, contend, chair, actor's line, declare, monologue, transmit, cover up, plead, handle, enshrine, invocation, forebode, talking to, sell, entreaty, incubate, report, sue, anticipate, manoeuver, reference book, occupier, public speaking, invitation, shout, residence, embrace, ABEND, orate, direct, regale, prelect, ring, calculate, comportment, send, get across, mastermind, render, inaugurate, commemorate, cry, backdate, denotation, cross-post, bearing, book of facts, breed, dwelling, superscription, cut across, take aim, divvy up, care for, entice, sermon, call in, phone, make out, beg, peroration, guide, enunciate, dispatch, source, superscribe, orchestrate, shout out, caption, parade, portion out, dispense, account name, speak to, bid, implore, train, proclaim, wield, supplicate, name, process, voice communication, behavior, carry on, number, aim, channelise, route, oral communication, inform, combat, get by, turn to, hotel, reference, verbalize, spoken language, hail, oration, the Pledge of Allegiance, brood, extend, ASCII art, town, bounce, communicate, mouth, plow, encompass, treat, acknowledgment, deportment, anonymous FTP, bookmark, allot, terminus, cross, shroud, manner of speaking, the home front, reference point, apply, work, plough, fill in, access number, Bluetooth, dot, say, promise, approach, prognosticate, annotate, fill out, lead, forward, take, face, application, spread over, call up, overcompensate, care, hide, spoken communication, telephone, deal with, compensate, actions, habitation, request, send for, complete, deal, organise, date, business, collect, woo, pronounce, target, verbalise, insure, get over, hatch, maneuver, dedicate, attach, greet, plea, blind copy, manage, attachment, supplication, apostrophize, notify, pass over, concentrate, consign, squall, enshroud, comprehend, focus, cope, channelize, reference work, wrap up, point of reference, hollo, start, finish, place, bend, consider, delivery, foretell, see about, mete out, share, visit, ship, grapple, conduct, speech communication, distribute, blogosphere, quotation, demeanor, announce, utter, blind certificate, inscription, make do, scream, cite, petition, shell out, yell, salute.

elude, pass, ignore, cut, shun, pass by, avoid, overlook.

Examples of usage:

1) Is it at such a time I dare ask her to address her mind to this? - "The Martins Of Cro' Martin, Vol. II (of II)", Charles James Lever.

2) If you address me by letter, I will reply to it. - "The Martins Of Cro' Martin, Vol. II (of II)", Charles James Lever.

3) He looked at her thoughtfully-" You'll leave your address, I hope!" - "Lonesome Land", B. M. Bower.