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Spell check of course

Correct spelling: course

parentage, grade, engulf, trench, rank, crash course, propensity, soma, bias, physical body, prevail, year, prey, row, ace, grip, unravel, rail line, egg roll, logical argument, variety, leaning, sojourn, bunk, bleed, manikin, business line, course of instruction, current, communication channel, family, lasagne, customarily, vector, macaroni, bogey, tomato soup, note, modus operandi, temperament, down, tend, line of products, straight, course of action, incline, surge, salad, social class, articles, function, chassis, measure, run away, spaghetti, stream, chicken soup, backswing, string, gradation, age, flight, race, escape, relocate, pulse, ladder, running, black market, act, be given, sort, road, acupressure, location, acupuncture, drive, bearing, origin, predilection, direction, crudites, scrambled eggs, range, mechanism, kind, raceway, var., lean, chow mein, sluice, contour, naturally, span, inclination, manakin, line of credit, scarper, mark, bank line, tactic, take to the woods, promenade, cycle, subscriber line, product line, queue, quarrel, scat, era, turn tail, appetiser, big game, melt down, matriculation, demonstration, proceeding, ancestry, configuration, tack, transfer, advance, pedigree, aperitif, grain, lineage, run for, suite, budge, descent, trek, production line, path, trip, day school, walk, aim, polarity, inside track, rowing, anaesthesia, cut, feed, thing, build, division, career, taco, steps, line of descent, personal credit line, actuate, technique, Irish stew, blood sports, run, scheme, charge, orientation, die hard, dish, progression, procedure, variant, flapjacks, words, poached eggs, eat, lam, tortellini, line of merchandise, demarcation, proceed, hard boiled eggs, quiche, interval, cast, way of life, subject, racetrack, proneness, journey, telephone line, macaroni and cheese, conformation, feast, programme, rove, aromatherapy, starting line, manner, by nature, argumentation, goulash, cart track, campaign, roam, entree, rails, stemma, streak, development, birdie, cartroad, class, round, legacy, crinkle, bent, trend, deepen, series, pattern, extend, date, maelstrom, short letter, attack, pasta, credit line, concatenation, hightail it, bod, physique, amble, bag, fried eggs, venture, form, mannequin, definitely, argument, runway, ditch, course of study, stock, consequence, syllabus, ground level, flume, by all means, heading, lead, watercourse, trajectory, bogie, phase, dash, sure, ed., track down, frame, specialty, trail, sweep over, flush, main course, conduit, appetizer, approach, stew, signifier, menstruate, dessert, stir fry, bite, sequel, progress, anatomy, consecutiveness, catch, descriptor, momentum, melodic line, means, predisposition, carry, vogue, pie, phone line, minor, duct, sandwich, come in, passage, flow, fix, job, crease, sewer, mannikin, cannelloni, occupation, operate, penchant, head for the hills, melt, procession, business, figure, dustup, caterpillar tread, boiled eggs, pathway, consecution, caddy, jaunt, furrow, wrangle, elective, come over, proclivity, aqueduct, hunt down, bunker, data track, ebb, ramble, position, waterway, linkage, routinely, deed, plan, dividing line, tendency, circuit, interim, program, tour, curriculum, assembly line, drift, bait, policy, route, style, meat loaf, gutter, aeon, crest, drip, fall, in, move, public life, history, the home stretch, fertilise, enchilada, side dish, guide, itinerary, doctoral, yes, rush, correspondence course, anesthesia, gamut, spring roll, execute, blood, disposition, movement, racecourse, work, alternative medicine, cable, bloodline, go, seam, activity, endure, cheeseboard, strain, uh huh, railway line, hike, aptness, process, stir, angling, contrast, break, hang, ravioli, fondue, train, wander, advancement, epoch, grad, array, methodology, antipasto, fly the coop, canal, regularly, play, requirement, march, consort, subsequence, analgesia, human body, material body, personal line of credit, artificial insemination, major, color, pipeline, line of business, billet, fertilize, duration, burrito, aftercare, peanut butter sandwich, draw, stroll, melody, grow, thread, caterpillar track, transmission line, hunt, schema, straightaway, discipline, accompaniment, wrinkle, flux, spell, heighten, culvert, time, degree, omelette, succession, word form, rail, shift, line, capture, pancakes, eggs, start, burst, socio-economic class, pipe, sequence, link, season, cast up, break away, circulate, travel, artificial feeding, jambalaya, ply, seminar, action, melodic phrase, operation, blood line, education, affinity, channel, field, stratum, concentration, tenor, casserole, flesh, line of work, shape, apprenticeship, air, persist, of course, pass, soft boiled eggs, hamburger, give, agate line, area, chain, feed in, leftovers, system, telephone circuit, line of reasoning, hors d'oeuvre, ragout, arrangement, category, angle, maturation, way, eddy, score, tune, method, tier, level, run-in, transit, order, track, inside lane, pizza, soup.


Examples of usage:

1) Of course I'm here. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.

2) If I had it, she should have her course. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.

3) For that, of course, was his work. - "In Desert and Wilderness", Henryk Sienkiewicz.