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Spell check of direct

Correct spelling: direct

undisguised, right, firsthand, cue, top, trail, charter, carry, organize, pass, purpose, subscribe to, mastermind, bring, take on, maneuver, intelligible, range, convey, openhearted, uncalculating, like a shot, collect, restrain, have, carry on, lay, control, institutionalise, post, reign, ingenuous, superscribe, strike, bald, draw a bead on, loquacious, crisp, apply, steer, nonstop, consider, overt, straightaway, put, transport, repoint, crystalline, austere, point, flat, rate, natural, transmit, civilize, orchestrate, enjoin, level, forthwith, foursquare, caution, channel, forecast, signal, through, make, freehearted, artless, take, ordinary, glib, come up to, moderate, site, head, advise, oversee, remove, rule, unilateral, coherent, turn to, run, contract, literal, depend, check, unvarnished, spare, influence, curb, identify, transfer, prosaic, democratic, prompt, machinate, understandable, cypher, luff, take away, order, precede, bridle, admit, escort, send off, conduce, pure, undeviating, comprehensible, locate, square, straightforward, verbatim, unbent, condition, take in, result, man-to-man, manoeuvre, short, notify, leave, bet, ship, groom, administer, impart, acquit, choose, turn, unaffected, fluent, route, unmediated, unadulterated, directly, zero in, lease, count on, pose, unpretentious, bare, devote, casual, well-spoken, betoken, smooth, behave, dedicate, brief, look, sharpen, tell, shepherd, propose, buckle down, administrate, outgoing, primary, decipherable, contribute, involve, supervise, reckon, engineer, contain, grasp, govern, pilot, get up, civilise, counsel, unionize, uncluttered, focus, broad, shoot, station, close, prepare, forthright, work out, take up, bespeak, accept, immediate, start, naive, perspicuous, eloquent, door-to-door, instantly, guide, out-front, come out, zigzag, plow, unreserved, plainspoken, seek, legible, elementary, get off, grip, submit, take aim, position, taper, charge, pointed, unilateralist, innocent, use up, bluff, genuine, dominate, shortest, organise, preside, uninterrupted, purport, require, trusting, film, frank, look at, comport, occupy, point-blank, linear, invest, articulate, matrilineal, designate, warn, absolute, downright, free-spoken, speak, rank, channelise, upfront, fill, educate, execute, need, devise, encourage, pack, honest, command, get hold of, drive, institutionalize, plain-spoken, unguarded, place, withdraw, handle, account, come in, master, call for, consult, count, beam, succinct, unionise, commit, Lord, ingest, up-front, shoot for, assume, estimate, conduct, call, consume, concentrate, folksy, figure, study, patrilinear, cast, superintend, at once, hire, admonish, mold, claim, now, set, rent, train, inform, harness, matrilinear, localise, adopt, compute, unswerving, coach, postulate, manoeuver, confer, flat-footed, plumb, localize, address, mail, cover, bend, guide on, pick out, acquire, recommend, treat, unsophisticated, bear, target, stark, outspoken, lead, head up, send, aim, develop, unadorned, suggest, air, select, uncomplicated, chair, show, right away, sway, school, expressive, lineal, aspire, draw, indicate, advocate, extend, candid, plain, deport, manage, words, grade, blunt, self-explanatory, discipline, get, clear, channelize, instruct, read, consistent, personal, no-nonsense, accost, simple, bid, terse, cultivate, refined, broadcast, unrestrained, lucid, informal, ask, demand, usher, hold, roundabout, sincere, learn, engage, forthcoming, perpendicular, deal, open, straight off, calculate, over, work, chaste, patrilineal, orient, form, cipher, callow, immediately, send out, rail, exact, childlike, straight, subscribe, boss, go, coordinate, give, operate, necessitate.

curving, ambagious, long-winded, twisting, turned, curling, mealymouthed, excursive, untruthful, hearsay, asquint, false, considerate, courteous, digressive, twining, comparative, weaving, deceitful, inverse, twisted, wavy, secondhand, yield, inhibited, rounded, relative, politic, askant, discursive, allusive, veering, double-dealing, periphrastic, equivocal, civil, mediate, laconic, looping, evasive, devious, polite, zigzagging, circumlocutory, misleading, curled, close-mouthed, kinked, two-faced, sinuous, wandering, erroneous, comply, reserved, spiral, bending, submit, swirled, bowed, retrograde, obey, tight-lipped, squint, entwined, uncommunicative, indirect, prolix, spiraling, quiet, twined, diversionary, circuitous, secondary, backhanded, roundabout, rambling, corkscrew, ambiguous, winding, meandering, coiling, wordy, zigzag, reciprocal, tortuous, tactful, curved, dissembling, fallacious, taciturn, lying, turning, mealy-mouthed, inexact, warped, looped, circumlocutious, reticent, askance, squinty, crooked, mendacious, diplomatic, alternating, sidelong, serpentine, coiled, hypocritical, restrained, oblique, collateral, verbose, squint-eyed.

Examples of usage:

1) Across the gulf of months Betty met the direct, far- seeing look, which took in all and gave out nothing. - "The Furnace", Rose Macaulay.

2) Over it a direct air- line course was possible. - "My Attainment of the Pole", Frederick A. Cook.

3) She was a woman of strong will who rather frightened me with her direct ways of getting what she wanted. - "I Walked in Arden", Jack Crawford.