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Spell check of enterprise

Correct spelling: enterprise

act, trade, service, consortium, firm, proceeding, commission, deed, assay, holding, group, barter, tired, energy, production, industry, undertaking, go-ahead, movement, posting, busy work, commerce, exercise, aim, action, effort, green light, task, courage, animation, transact, situation, engagement, calling, comport, business, demonstration, blue chip, vision, appear, broking, career, establishment, asset, opening move, safety, crusade, base, behave, function, try, maneuver, commitment, position, approach, exploit, brilliance, program, venture, business plan, scheme, affair, do, thing, clarity, kinetics, perpetrate, capacity, common sense, move, profession, book, punch, negotiation, liveliness, labor, affiliate, course, intuition, drive, ambition, intelligence, acquisition, operate, management, flutter, exchange, chance, reason, anchor, perform, initiative, brokerage, operation, push, motion, market, judgment, pluck, specialty, selling, hustle, officiate, livelihood, react, risk, crapshoot, account, pursuit, go, first step, agent, aggressiveness, stirring, wisdom, interest, beauty parade, emprise, work, transaction, conduct, corporation, attempt, assignment, performance, project, force, company, behavior, intellect, hazard, practice, flier, purpose, proprietorship, enterprisingness, vocation, agency, occupation, retailing, gumption, merchant, campaign, partnership, execute, house, big business, get-up-and-go, endeavor, speculation, agility, plan, cause, concern, feat, gambit, activity, essay, the biz, station, procedure, opening, employment, throw, endeavour, job, adventure, contract, cannibalize, outfit.

sure thing, diffidence, hesitation, indolence, faintheartedness, passivity, reluctance, inactivity, timidity, inertia, lethargy, laziness.

Examples of usage:

1) Anyhow, that circumstance could have no influence in producing the very marked difference in the wages given by the two classes of enterprise, and the higher wages would not, and could not, be given unless the production was higher. - "Contemporary Socialism", John Rae.

2) Why had he not seen immediately that she would expect him to carry out the whole enterprise? - "Command", William McFee.

3) But he also knew enough of war to realize the limits set upon enterprise, just as at sea one had to submit to the ways of the elements. - "Command", William McFee.