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Spell check of business

Correct spelling: business

firmament, enterprise, assembly line, telephone line, vexation, holding, pipeline, falsity, fief, vocation, logical argument, blood, line of credit, tune, operation, selling, unfaithfulness, trading, performance, broking, matter, care, affair, struggle, argumentation, agency, line of reasoning, channel, place, cable, demonstration, company, relevant, business organisation, collaboration, occupation, sphere, personal line of credit, byplay, burden, activity, line of merchandise, stirring, backstabbing, purpose, demesne, bank line, big, fear, monetary, headache, line of descent, background, liveliness, dividing line, stemma, thing, province, barony, phone line, call, motion, task, state of affairs, disloyalty, necessity, division of labor, station, establishment, area, house, obligation, assignment, melody, employment, profession, marketplace, faithlessness, exercise, all-night, calling, brick-and-mortar, brief, commerce, avocation, merchant, concern, cannibalize, kinetics, mare, railway line, practice, management, beauty parade, career, act, affiliate, bloated, military control, market, context, craft, business concern, duty, moving in, stand alone, crinkle, backing, outfit, ancestry, communication channel, occupancy, movement, stage business, realm, action, specialty, treason, descent, job, melodic line, demarcation, transaction, discipline, collective, animation, livelihood, business organization, credit line, short letter, anticompetitive, handicraft, condescension, treachery, dealing, falseness, busy work, brokerage, championship, account, racket, bailiwick, industry, two-timing, department, business enterprise, wrinkle, custom, accredited, backup, anchor, clientele, transmission line, book, furrow, infidelity, firm, energy, circle, sellout, line of business, origin, line of products, position, proprietorship, negotiation, line, product line, interest, double cross, retailing, commercial enterprise, note, e-commerce, worry, the biz, mercantile, agent, brisk, rail line, liability, subscriber line, course, part, fiefdom, agate line, situation, telephone circuit, consortium, melodic phrase, option, venture, patronage, pedigree, kingdom, bloodline, business-to-business, work, business plan, labor, front, problem, pursuit, employ, lineage, stock, move, function, precinct, commercial, business line, posting, digital, charge, element, trade, personal credit line, exchange, capacity, corporation, terrain, argument, air, acquisition, event, detail, seam, delegation, circumstance, billet, production line, post, game, agility, blue chip, domain, commission, perfidy, appointment, arena, big business, parentage, contrast, conditions, barter, business sector, deed, chore, climate, responsibility, strain, line of work, base, asset, art, crease, caper, conduct, blood line, traffic, lookout, partnership, walk, service, group, disdain, environment.

devotion, protection, fidelity, loyalty, trustworthiness, dependability, faithfulness, staunchness, reliability, fealty, shield, allegiance, defense, safeguard, steadfastness.

Examples of usage:

1) What was your father's business? - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.

2) My father had no business. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.

3) It's my business to ask for it, you know. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.