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Spell check of holding

Correct spelling: holding

card catalog, encircling, surmising, accommodating, acquisition, judgment, enclosing, preparation, possession, selling, professing, giving faith, retracting, partnership, bondholder, withdrawing, acquiring, proprietorship, halting, empire, including, declaring, negotiation, caging, gear, encompassing, controlling, kingdom, corporation, principal, terminating, attribute, practice, tactic, assuming, farm, real estate, situation, retailing, agroindustry, having, property, grappling, blueprint, preserving, suppressing, confining, prop, gathering, goods, coordinating, retention, broker-dealer, trapping, agrarian, claiming, crediting, retentivity, finding, personal effects, career, posting, affair, trade, gripping, recalling, clutching, bid price, inheritance, profession, stopping, management, managing, interest, bid, presuming, stock, imprisoning, hindering, bear, archivist, industry, vocation, keeping, plot, impounding, estate, title, business, livelihood, conserving, realty, occupation, resources, memory, plan, taking for granted, agreement, putting faith in, breed, duds, dimension, chattels, chattel, movables, possessions, freezing, swaying, assets, accession, concluding, territory, fixtures, clasping, trusting, seizing, safekeeping, labor, conspiracy, ruling, commerce, the CAP, disciplining, archive, position, owning, affirming, station, assenting, ground, busy work, preventing, agribusiness, doom, retentiveness, audience, containing, domain, commission, covering, pausing, comprising, corralling, material possession, stuff, transaction, block, place, dominating, withholding, guardianship, ending, land, things, supposing, art gallery, retaining, grasping, monopolizing, understanding, retentive, venture, bearish, personalty, merchant, deeming, realm, plunder, bullish, stowing, surrounding, ranch, agronomy, exchange, employment, closing, bull market, manor, paraphernalia, agrochemical, embracing, market, arrangements, planning, law, staying, ceasing, barter, judging, charging, establishment, carrel, service, commanding, adhering, believing, strategy, governing, company, enterprise, directing, worth, fencing, wealth, specialty, agronomics, bull, agriculture, activity, annals, job, bookmobile, legacy, possessing, reigning, belongings, bear market, receiving, holdings, consortium, firm, revoking, concern, maintaining, agricultural, assignment, effects, accepting, mastering, personal property, owned, recanting, enveloping, calling, reserving.

immovables, real estate.

Examples of usage:

1) After a while he stepped in the direction of the fire, moving as quietly as possible and holding the breath in his bosom. - "In Desert and Wilderness", Henryk Sienkiewicz.

2) He was holding himself in with a strong hand. - "The Locusts' Years", Mary Helen Fee.

3) You're very brave, dear, and I'm proud of the way you are holding out- but Hope is not a good place for you. - "Lonesome Land", B. M. Bower.