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Spell check of bustle

Correct spelling: bustle

spur, bobbery, impatience, confidence trick, flurry, storm, bluster, hubbub, bunco game, blather, bolt, hurry-scurry, run, rapidity, corroboree, alarums and excursions, flap, disturbance, welter, urgency, fleetness, hassle, flit, hotfoot, turmoil, tizzy, pandemonium, ruction, con, do, accelerate, flimflam, nip, pelt, hurriedness, fun, fuss, feverishness, rush, confidence game, bucket, speed, festinate, foofaraw, trouble, swiftness, furore, highball, shindy, shoot, hurly-burly, helter-skelter, tiff, hasten, push, moil, to-do, kerfuffle, uproar, trot, rumpus, dart, spat, race, hustle, quickness, bother, snow flurry, hurly, pother, speediness, briskness, hubble-bubble, clatter, urge, row, ado, hurricane, sail, hurry, sprint, scour, tear, squall, dash, bunko game, ruckus, stir, action, whirlpool, fly, bicker, pluck, haste, roll, fleet, hullabaloo, hoopla, hoo-ha, quicken, dither, splash, bunko, sting, whirl, rip, williwaw, bickering, clutter, whiz, gyp, move, coil, scoot, wing, putter, zoom, bunco, whisk, zoo, fastness, pettifoggery, squabble, barrel, zip, mess around, splore, stew, calm, bustle about, expedite, abruptness, ballyhoo, con game, flash, rocket, furor, tumult.

order, tranquillity, stillness, quiet, hush, peace, orderliness, calm, rest, quietude.

Examples of usage:

1) " Now, dearie, you must have it on just as hot as you can stand it," she said, making a great bustle of preparation. - "I Walked in Arden", Jack Crawford.

2) Let him begin to bustle. - "Fortitude", Hugh Walpole.

3) " An old woman's fancy it is," she said to Mrs. Moran; " but no harm is there in it, and not much do I like women who bustle about their houses, and have no fancies at all." - "The Maid of Maiden Lane", Amelia E. Barr.