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Spell check of bother

Correct spelling: bother

hoopla, irritate, wrinkle, perturbation, shindy, pique, extend, unhinge, imposition, aggrieve, call down, corroboree, dither, hitch, inconvenience oneself, pound, repel, anesthetize, harass, make, splore, inconvenience, disorder, turmoil, harry, bewilder, headache, devastate, ruckus, hang over, gadfly, hurting, shake up, ruffle, bobbery, enragement, grief, ail, bicker, scandalize, cod, pest, access, pandemonium, dismay, stand by, startle, arousal, distract, frighten, depress, crucify, indignation, trounce, publish, wound, anaesthetise, teaser, flap, bring out, sit by, agitate, blip, hurricane, ache, amaze, lambast, tease, excoriate, menace, alarm, envenom, chafe, worry, scold, bugbear, nettle, rile, irritation, exasperation, petulance, pain in the ass, anaesthetize, coil, storm, persecutor, rebuke, stir, madden, rattle, dun, rag, reproof, irk, aggravation, stretch forth, exacerbate, raise up, rock, progress to, chill, inflame, concern, exasperate, pester, pip, difficulty, calamity, squall, trouble oneself, rumpus, bedevilment, discomposure, to-do, irritant, shake, fret, bustle, nark, enrage, retire, alarums and excursions, ride, needle, moil, furore, thorn, bedevil, virulence, displease, problem, disquiet, put under, nudnik, neglect, perplex, fun, rally, hustle, hullabaloo, hassle, botheration, discommode, remonstrate, nonplus, stab, resentment, bait, panic, vex, frustrate, dogfight, anesthetise, hubbub, gall, ado, williwaw, painful sensation, chew up, scorn, terrify, chew out, annoyance, harassment, welter, hurly-burly, berate, annoyer, infuriate, taunt, stupefy, exsert, anxiety, get, torment, provoke, lambaste, discompose, calm, disturbance, trial, zoo, upset, tizzy, pose, exacerbation, stew, suffer, twit, tumult, stir up, fray, annoy, inflammation, frustration, badger, urticate, clatter, nag, intimidate, disturb, pother, anger, jar, refrain, annoying, infliction, hurry, abstain, squabble, triviality, scratch, hurt, disoblige, distress, toss, aggravator, pain in the neck, mystify, clutter, aggro, rankle, tussle, bluster, grate, painfulness, douse, shock, care, joke, tantalize, puzzle, peeve, bawl out, jaw, lecture, hurly, row, aggravate, fluster, nuisance, kerfuffle, tiff, pain, have words, bug, fuss, feelings, do, gnawer, antagonize, hiccup, roil, beat, dress down, issue, stick, ire, razz, tantalise, blather, hold out, uproar, helter-skelter, spat, cark, drag, put out, rough-and-tumble, hurry-scurry, ballyhoo, bickering, provocation, stifle, hoo-ha, call on the carpet, trouble, vexation, glitch, flummox, get to, release, teething problems, gravel, chide, stretch out, smother, arouse, dumbfound, pettifoggery, whirl, foofaraw, disgust, hair shirt, incommode, commove, scare, ruction, reach, get at, acerbate, furor, hubble-bubble, unsettle, reprimand, flurry, baffle, rub, disappoint, scuffle, offend, perturb.

hush, calm, delight, pleasure, order, peace, tranquillity, charmer, stillness, soother, rest, joy, comforter, quietude, smoothy, orderliness, quiet.

Examples of usage:

1) He won't miss it if we don't remind him, but it would be silly to bother him again just yet. - "The Furnace", Rose Macaulay.

2) But it is not bother! - "The Martins Of Cro' Martin, Vol. II (of II)", Charles James Lever.

3) And, as you said, you keep them to yourself, so I don't see why I should let them bother me. - "The Locusts' Years", Mary Helen Fee.