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Spell check of bust

Correct spelling: bust

debacle, arrestment, swat, wild, fatigue, pop, develop, repo man, image, crack den, lick, belt, trouncing, come apart, metaphor, reveal, disaster, abound, break dance, figure, broke, go under, intermit, explode, unwrap, receiver, punch, dab, silhouette, swipe, frost, abuse, clunker, breakdown, chop, weaken, explosion, fizzle, wallop, miss, picture, bummer, chest, dampen, crumble, battered, kaput, flick, shut off, separate, give out, cuff, buck, lemon, obliterate, floating-point operation, have on, flounder, rap, infract, crash, plinth, burst, disclose, broken, turkey, discover, suppress, spree, drawing, bankrupt, cave in, snap off, lash, break down, bat, eat away, fillip, wear upon, garrison, check, demote, foray into, phallus, round, hold out, poke, likeness, shoot down, biff, bout, divulge, carving, plump, squeeze out, let out, idol, kick downstairs, falsies, rise, hushing, stripe, pluck, hissing, founder, pedestal, rendering, falter, put on, bosom, cast, go bad, slug, stop, attack, flawed, get into, apprehension, clap, snatch up, stone-broke, bristle, sock, facsimile, jade, give way, downfall, splurge, tire out, wear, transgress, faulty, curve, conk out, stamp out, bring out, thwack, waterloo, box, cartoon, jamboree, apart, switch, pound, depiction, soften, thump, violate, discontinue, copy, washout, official receiver, outline, slap, help, wear thin, go to pieces, clean out, gentle, douse, assume, buffet, failure, malfunction, sibilation, fail, slam, catastrophe, breath test, flop, photograph, representation, blunder, spat, cup, pelt, collar, knock, spank, break in, shatter, rip, break open, snap, snag, base, relief, fiasco, trashed, poor, split up, molding, effigy, dud, cameo, bop, tear, better, fall apart, shipwreck, kill off, fracture, error, tame, thrashing, bronze, mannequin, fag out, portrayal, get around, noncompletion, bomb, toot, money, recrudesce, apprehend, hiss, wear off, hold back, whack, bender, duplication, bash, wear down, interrupt, stumble, teardrop, snarl, comedown, die, breach, rent, damp, lose, replica, seize, pinch, haymaker, collapse, wear out, deplume, fall in, let on, go, clinker, smash, get out, interfere with, approximation, split, book, raid, master, crackhouse, statue, billet, nab, hack, bounty hunter, give, bas-relief, trash, break up, blow, bump, destroy, ravage, larrup, analogy, thud, arrest, breathalyze, detail, shoot, down, addiction, break away, miscarriage, devastate, endure, wassail, torso, shot, click, lapse, bear, break off, cold turkey, break, give away, tire, generalship, lose it, deplumate, part, downgrade, carousal, head, smack, relegate, charge, fall, dependence, wham, body search, loser, mutilate, pull, run in, vandalize, fort, bang, carve, break out, ruin, figurine, miniature, clean, model, fatigues, whop, clout, female chest, wrecked, degrade, dog tag, fold, don, snapshot, skint, expose, boob, welt, stinger, erupt, rupture, pick, sculpture, turn, offend, cut into, impression, displume, pastiche, stony-broke, strike, clip, pause, outwear, cleavage, reduce, hook, plaster cast, weary, hit, law, beat, imitation, impoverish, binge, pauperize, insolvency, bankruptcy, phallic, go against, liquidator, flunk, pick up, illustration.

restore, mend, winner, success, dandy, blockbuster, repair, phenomenon, rich, smash, corker, liberation, doctor, release, fix, emancipation, touch on, discharge, crackerjack, hit, jim-dandy, furbish up, bushel.

Examples of usage:

1) The bust of Luther is seen in the main hall in an unfinished condition, just as the sculptor left it, and upon which, indeed, he is said to have worked the day before his death. - "Due North or Glimpses of Scandinavia and Russia", Maturin M. Ballou.

2) I hope you bust the town wide open. - "Lonesome Land", B. M. Bower.

3) His going kind of bust up the dinner party. - "I Walked in Arden", Jack Crawford.