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Spell check of collar

Correct spelling: collar

capture, fetter, impede, keep, detainment, grok, garroter, stockade, gizzard, receive, prison, win, gimmick, quail at, comb, nail down, compress, reformatory, snare, confinement, understanding, abduct, crest, detention, terzetto, throttler, catch, clerical collar, constrict, lei, check, Peter Pan collar, tether, strangler, tercet, smash, taking into custody, trinity, ball bearing, get wind, corner, tinge, coop, neckpiece, handcuff, armhole, bearing, lockup, apprehend, gain, perk up, haul, penal colony, coattails, trio, tierce, elate, breeze through, carriage, pick-up, button, deuce-ace, reform school, buttonhole, see, inhibition, ternary, apprehensiveness, garrotter, gather up, talk at, stay, restrain, find out, grasp, cop, savvy, condemn, bandage, breast pocket, cast, constrain, tweak, restraint, bodice, achieve, obtain, hook, muzzle, bounty hunter, straight jacket, fence, halt, choke chain, frill, sentence, seize, get a line, bridle, triplet, perk, cassock, shackle, contain, bondage, lead, neck ruff, care label, pillory, apprehension, three, neckband, misgiving, peck, cockscomb, braces, hindrance, Band-Aid, down, harness, stronghold, hitch, breath test, pass with flying colors, pound, ruff, choker, compass, turn back, sail through, body search, collection plate, chalice, lock up, intoxicate, incarcerate, thieve, torque, cage, detain, clothes, law, bind, ace, boom, constraint, bib, impound, restrict, arrest, hinder, triad, leash, jailhouse, ternion, call for, trey, secure, trine, glom, soupcon, beak, oubliette, blockage, gaol, ruffle, penitentiary, blast, learn, exigency, cross, discernment, hear, cam, get word, coat, constriction, peg, troika, biretta, dog collar, San Quentin, emergency, stricture, occupy, altar, feather, jot, bill, ancillary, hold back, bucket, get, uplift, grab, pinion, dread, turn around, discover, percolate, cotton ball, cotton, pen, snitch, touch, manacle, crucifix, jug, pinch, hint, collect, sweep through, dickey, comprehend, match, get the picture, stop, Bastille, gain vigor, breathalyze, corset, restriction, accost, chamber, speck, mite, nail, stoppage, bust, jail, Alcatraz, camshaft, snap, Easter egg, dungeon, cooler, imprison, arm, inhibit, flea collar, confine, hold, pinpoint, pickup, cane, impediment, brig, bertha, cell, take, lift up, jabot, nab, arrestment, irons, book, complete, Eton collar, seizure, dig, control, knock off, belt, vise.

discharge, release, emancipation, liberation.

Examples of usage:

1) Got a clean collar? - "Lonesome Land", B. M. Bower.

2) He turned up his coat collar, drew his hat over his eyes, and hurried on. - "The Man from Jericho", Edwin Carlile Litsey.

3) Captain Rannie dropped the match he was holding, changed his legs and began moving his neck violently in his collar while he swallowed. - "Command", William McFee.