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Spell check of figurine

Correct spelling: figurine

idol, picture, facsimile, molding, copy, metaphor, photograph, rendering, bust, pastiche, portrayal, approximation, illustration, carve, analogy, phallic, carving, plaster cast, duplication, doll, replica, phallus, statuette, cast, drawing, imitation, marionette, likeness, cartoon, image, silhouette, snapshot, plinth, sculpture, pedestal, representation, depiction, bronze, statue, relief, manikin, knickknack, figure, cameo, effigy, impression, model, outline, miniature, bas-relief, mannequin.


Examples of usage:

1) It had been Seth, as Honath had realized the moment the figurine had burst through the branches far above. - "The Thing in the Attic", James Benjamin Blish.

2) Anderson waved the bottle at the figurine, which called it to his attention again, and so again he drank. - "Breaking Point", James E. Gunn.

3) The small idol between two of the sticks is a figurine of Chowilawn. - "The-Grand-Canyon-of-Arizona-how-to-see-it", James, George Wharton.