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Spell check of busy

Correct spelling: busy

laboring, engaged, presumptuous, crabbed, flourishing, bottleneck, absorb, in use, idle, cut off, chintzy, forward, happening, vivacious, emblazoned, active, unavailable, fancy, occupied, meddling, industrious, congested, spry, obtrusive, tireless, rousing, mobile, bad-tempered, fussy, packed, grouchy, lodge in, bustling, moving, particular, assiduous, brisk, call, protrusive, employed, labouring, ready, available, busy signal, thriving, invade, filter, enterprising, call up, at work, agile, ill-tempered, use up, overbusy, abubble, interest, jam, grumpy, delicate, officious, nosy, drudging, decorative, unemployed, pushing, vibrant, congestion, dense, curious, bejeweled, up to, crabby, tied up, animated, intruding, beaded, elaborate, reside, dial, caller, teeming, nimble, humming, cross, ornate, intrusive, answer, working, stirring, buzzing, knee-deep, bedecked, supple, load down, rented, abuzz, cluttered, hopping, meddlesome, gridlock, dynamic, restless, pushy, rushed, crowded, aboil, interfering, hustling, finicky, snoopy, picky, energetic, action, prying, toiling, bulging, hectic, engross, eager, concern, astir, unoccupied, congestion charge, bumper-to-bumper, vigorous, jammed, delicately, engage, sedulous, spirited, back up, laborious, kinetic, wide awake, occupy, employ, embossed, take, finical, diligent, fill, call back, presuming, involved, cramped, expeditious, worry, call in, full, lively, hold-up, quick, busybodied, simple, alert, sprightly, prompt.

inoperative, dormant, nonoperating, free, idle, latent, unengaged, withdrawn, silent, bone-idle, leisured, bone-lazy, lackadaisical, sleepy, retiring, quiescent, inert, not intrusive, inhibited, dead, heavy, reserved, plain, dull, slothful, lazy, taciturn, reclusive, hands-off, sluggish, restrained, asleep, unintrusive, slow, uninvolved, quiet, unemployed, otiose, indolent, unobtrusive, unoccupied, reticent, faineant, passive, lifeless, subdued, inactive, work-shy.

Examples of usage:

1) It had been a busy, yet a very long week for Marjorie. - "Marjorie Dean High School Freshman", Pauline Lester.

2) Your voices can be plainly heard in Miss Archer's office and she is too busy now to be disturbed. - "Marjorie Dean High School Freshman", Pauline Lester.

3) So much had happened that for a brief moment each was busy with her own thoughts. - "Marjorie Dean High School Freshman", Pauline Lester.