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Spell check of copy

Correct spelling: copy

portray, burn, fake, silhouette, miniature, mock, procreate, follow, dupe, pretend, parody, photocopy, illustration, certified copy, representative, written matter, cheesecake, artwork, text, centerfold, burlesque, outline, illustrate, impersonate, clone, icon, proof, caricature, ape, fair copy, pastiche, analogous, spoof, replica, burn in, impression, reduplication, counterpart, image, likeness, impress, access, assume, rendered, counterfeit, bust, feign, browse, simulate, repeat, carving, statue, emboss, back up, re-create, mime, sham, pinchbeck, reflect, imprint, original, picture, reduplicate, advice column, run off, metaphorical, portrait, forgery, article, cheat, carbon, reprint, knockoff, falsify, cartoon, snapshot, rubbing, model, typescript, ersatz, replication, pack, archive, represent, microcopy, carbon copy, drawing, specimen, travesty, reproduction, echo, reproduce, dub, stamp, transcribe, fax, transcript, imitate, metaphor, tracing, render, approximation, simulation, mirror image, capture, call up, pseudo, representation, announcement, approximate, cast, facsimile, pretense, duplication, microfilm, substitute, portrayal, offprint, mimicry, photostat, study, double, dummy, semblance, parrot, ditto, emulation, simulacrum, author, classified ad, example, byline, hustle, graphic, emulate, idol, mirror, knock off, print, illustrative, impersonation, banner headline, effigy, flatter, imitation, microfiche, aping, simulacre, rendering, mimic, figurine, parallel, block, depiction, photograph, transcription, depict, reflection, replicate, duplicate, mockery, same, retroflex, resemblance, hard copy, forge, trace, analogy, Xerox, resemble, portrayed.

archetype, original, pattern, model, prototype.

Examples of usage:

1) She's going to fill it in at home, and she has promised me a copy for my room. - "The Mermaid of Druid Lake and Other Stories", Charles Weathers Bump.

2) A copy of the speech will be found at the end of this book. - "The Operatic Problem", William Johnson Galloway.

3) I can copy it! - "The Foreign Hand Tie", Gordon Randall Garrett.