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Spell check of figure

Correct spelling: figure

haoma, finger, embodiment, purpose, statuette, trait, range, trace, take to, throw, think, model, strain, frame, surmise, ensure, air, prognosticate, contour, total, bod, damage, score, garb, work up, mannikin, presage, outline, insure, consider, math, introduce, perimeter, fingerbreadth, cypher, encipher, trope, image, code, course, contrive, appraise, portend, attend, come in, profile, solve, tally, forte, mental image, represent, big name, representation, intent, spectacle, find, mark, presume, signifier, pick up, draft, levy, periphery, specialty, experience, girth, definiteness, framing, presence, fee, public figure, look, tariff, look for, whole number, bode, count, token, figures, compute, approximate, manakin, issue, escort, relief, shape, get word, scheme, regard, go in, pose, account, notoriety, draw, turn, general anatomy, expense, interpret, material body, body, variety, outside, protrude, star, name, idiosyncrasy, superstar, configuration, persona, construe, externalise, body-build, number crunching, realize, jut, countenance, class, double, prefigure, realise, radiation pattern, simulacrum, display, view, puzzle out, examine, pulp, features, study, see to it, rate, find out, diagram, finger's breadth, statue, figuring, integer, enrol, direct, cachet, phone number, figurine, get a line, bust, estimate, go steady, digit, catch, quality, learn, invention, program, sign, witness, ante, intention, personality, omen, dummy, specialization, quantify, depict, appearance, drawing, demeanor, hear, border, work, look-alike, underframe, somebody, attribute, predict, common fig, divide, take care, routine, flesh, tracing, inscribe, var., epithet, mass, watch, person, schedule, price, keynote, chassis, understand, formula, systema skeletale, megastar, skeleton, elaborate, habitus, form, luminary, tax, frame of reference, forecast, deduce, send off, soma, enter, dactyl, get into, visualise, characteristic, aim, run across, bronze, determine, charge, dearness, surprise, design, standout, add, rationalize, notable, mold, difference, exercise, reckoning, mannequin, sort, fancy, cause célèbre, reckon, evaluate, go for, lick, discover, radiation diagram, common fig tree, plot, icon, imagine, encounter, aspect, put down, weigh, torso, recruit, prototype, word form, computation, show, constitution, encrypt, blueprint, embark, fashion, meet, vista, numeral, structure, kind, habit, assess, premium, emblem, participate, quantize, stick out, go through, opine, variant, symbol, record, insert, inning, circumscribe, project, phase, await, posture, calculus, graphic, take in, molding, come across, propose, bit, judge, geometry, render, sum, property, stamp, flavor, attitude, illustration, practice, price tag, hallmark, terms, expect, date, cameo, tab, quotation, duty, conformation, grade, mien, run into, framework, conception, infix, guess, physique, cipher, build, part, carriage, skeletal frame, anatomy, device, toll, silhouette, assure, quirk, worth, bet, gauge, systematize, suppose, amount, anticipate, development, calculate, excogitation, number, enroll, condition, augur, personage, innovation, motif, designing, auspicate, numbers, get in, sculpture, gens, envision, identification number, jut out, cost, write in code, figure out, externalize, dress, measure, go into, feature, conclude, go out, individuality, celeb, see, cast, control, light, limit, way, type, effigy, convention, VIP, foreshadow, foresee, plan, carving, bearing, circumference, arithmetic, visit, betoken, count on, skeletal system, rule, pattern, epitome, telephone number, move into, physical body, visualize, notation, approach pattern, infer, picture, check, visual, act, motive, enumerate, multiply, numeric, ciphering, composition, mathematics, fig, foretell, value, sketch, normal, peculiarity, character, get wind, ascertain, outlay, delineate, notability, particularity, work out, freight, manikin, plate, human body, accede, paradigm, depend, surface, descriptor, ikon, delineation, mannerism, traffic pattern, figure of speech, rank.

stuff, colossus, ground, lightweight, composition, nobody, raw material, has-been, substance, material, mediocrity, matter.

Examples of usage:

1) As soon as I figure it out better, I will tell you. - "In Desert and Wilderness", Henryk Sienkiewicz.

2) But she saw neither room nor figure. - "The Locusts' Years", Mary Helen Fee.

3) He stopped about three feet in front of the figure in the chair. - "The Man from Jericho", Edwin Carlile Litsey.