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Spell check of algorithm

Correct spelling: algorithm

enumeration, statistics, increment, numerator, scheme, estimation, minuend, method, program, study, approximation, deviation, factor, inference, subtrahend, root, supposition, logarithm, quotient, plot, algebra, geometry, triangulation, quantification, computation, binomial, power, conclusion, countdown, dividend, valuation, total, algorithmic rule, calculation, determination, multiplication, multiplier, gauge, integral, reckoning, multiple, multiplicator, thought, guess, tally, index, coefficient, schedule, judgement, divisor, mathematics, evaluation, trigonometry, decimal place, average, multiplicand, account, system, value, deduction, antilogarithm, square root, reciprocal, fraction, calculus, denominator, measurement, modulus, presumption, score, consideration, radix, differential calculus, count, abacus, algorithmic program, appraisal, plan, cube, formula, division, sum, cube root, computational, quadratics, arithmetic, exponent, rank, assessment.

Examples of usage:

1) If I call you on my digital mobile, our conversation will be encrypted with the A5 encryption algorithm between the mobile phone and the exchange. - "Underground", Suelette Dreyfus.

2) You've got a cute little routing algorithm that runs with three nodes, and you've got a model that may scale up to 300, but by the time you get to 30 thousand, you're going to be hitting so much latency and dropping so many packets on the floor and incurring so much signaling overhead that it'll be a gigantic failure. - "Someone Comes to Town, Someone Leaves Town", Cory Doctorow.