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Spell check of charge

Correct spelling: charge

knock, level off, domination, maneuver, gripe, tirade, send out, focus, hinge upon, trip out, microphone, expenditure, clap, transfuse, impeach, station, push, luff, foment, bestir, word, transport, send off, give, hurry, pip, amplifier, weigh down, entrust, savage, pervade, arouse, displume, scoot, lade, recharge, thrust, oversight, film, litigation, disturb, counsel, invest, indict, brief, mastery, level, confide, air, bourgeon, excite, controlling, computer, watt, outpouring, cite, warfare, spud, boot, dictate, chill, depend upon, intendance, haste, imperative, heading, ohm, fee, squawk, incumbency, authority, capacitor, fringe, raze, dedicate, perpetrate, transistor, consecrate, title, suit, hit, gush, magnetism, missionary post, tending, spark, bam, accommodate, shift, bear down, battle, imbue, obligate, way, volt, shoot, press, citation, devoir, admonition, overbear, laden, figure, betoken, alternating current, empowerment, toll, wedge, sue, siege, riot, count, vex, efflorescence, heraldic bearing, post, seniority, polarity, scathe, arraign, lawsuit, put, name, allege, deplumate, intrust, load, head, prosecute, foray, exhilaration, responsibility, rout out, focusing, slash, file away, pluck, burthen, instruct, carriage, pull down, wallop, ailment, pull, assault, waken, puissance, energize, burgeon forth, taper, fault, induction, fight, bang, military mission, allegation, FM, tax, orient, right, scorch, litigate, supervision, affidavit, cumber, tuition, coordinate, value, germinate, explosive, assessment, superintendence, frivol away, scud, placard, television, dissipate, administration, electronics, deputation, injunction, do, enfranchisement, defeat, regulation, aid, behest, smasher, rase, mandate, invasion, missionary station, refer, commissioning, dart, raise up, lash, tube, commandment, blitz, superiority, posture, current, place, juice, sharpen, shiver, negative, business, complaint, get off, jollies, consign, wake up, worth, send, steer, processor, weight down, bombardment, decree, counselling, connection, praise, potency, care, implicate, budge, speech, CPU, obligation, attribute, strength, signal, bespeak, resistance, activate, drag down, blitzkrieg, harry, aggression, price, hearing, tutelage, manage, circuit card, buck, entitlement, stick, reign, permeate, blast, weight, switch on, ride, assignment, explosive charge, positive, prerogative, stir, voltage, clout, entry, iron boot, fury, edict, bloom, photograph, outbreak, tutorship, drive, birthright, maintenance, shake, agitate, deputize, wake, land, saturate, accuse, supremacy, perpetration, authorize, video, tariff, point, mission, dominate, hammer, inculpate, incrimination, attention, down, transmit, DC, fear, bloodshed, appoint, rouse, guide, outlay, assign, action, dismantle, premium, invigorate, impedance, target, condemn, hot flash, CRT, spasm, direction, commission, centering, foreign mission, diode, institutionalize, commit, keeping, power, rap, delegacy, channelise, prepotency, saddle, sortie, storm, file, eruption, presence, price tag, electromagnetism, show, prosecution, guidance, tab, purview, complain, belt, practice, instruction, surveillance, quiver, bearing, directive, revive, sale, blame, levy, energise, force out, focussing, awaken, summon, manoeuvre, indicate, grievance, impregnate, rebuke, furor, reproach, amount, trust, fool away, forethought, fritter away, billing, summons, barrage, offense, register, office, capacitance, full, thrill, titillation, comportment, aim, blush, megahertz, command, over, flower, criminate, stature, stewardship, spate, pick, rule, expense, force, bombard, find fault, law, frenzy, suffuse, tell, grasp, mightiness, round, fill, designate, deplume, wind up, rush, custody, sovereignty, shudder, words, shoot down, ascribe, broadcast, cathexis, crusade, ante, subpoena, quotation, upsurge, manoeuver, influence, vote down, governance, onslaught, missionary work, violence, prime, nominate, speaker, criticism, onset, ill, memory, even, clip, military commission, circuit, condemnation, pound, mail, lodge, surge, debit, committal, assail, frisson, frequency, control, attempt, upkeep, enjoin, kingship, kilohertz, strike, kick, government, wattage, discharge, coup de main, resistor, electrostatic, go against, prestige, criticize, steam, detail, faculty, drive out, statement, scarify, dilute, tear down, burden, operation, depend on, kicking, running, electrode, bid, AC, sprout, put in, turn on, tear, master, prowess, disbursement, direct current, recoil, shake up, superintendency, tingle, channelize, commitment, heap, flay, lay, scold, insulator, primacy, concern, constitute, monitor, pledge, bind, armorial bearing, steering, shock, transmitter, institutionalise, credit, blossom, accusal, enjoyment, iron heel, precaution, snap, hitch, cost, accusation, pullulate, grip, ship, impute, repoint, devote, powerfulness, handling, govern, cogency, writ, stimulate, rosiness, IC, bash, encumber, safekeeping, discipline, case, rate, radio, presidency, descent, ammunition, allegement, hold, censure, denounce, charge up, empower, electric charge, fool, violate, bill, mien, receiver, job, supervising, accredit, implication, outgo, stretch, need, trounce, offensive, headship, guardianship, tweeter, electricity, focal point, rushing, counseling, even out, lunge, bear down on, bust, raid, trip, adulterate, smash, dearness, rank, inject, precedence, delegation, commove, burster, combat, sway, order, will, conductor, duty, fritter, heyday, batter, offence, devolve on, beef, direct, invade, dash, denouncement, war, vote out, committee, credential, insinuation, caution, responsible, pack, fire, incriminate, management, privilege, damage, punch, press down on, imputation, campaign, peak, might, stir up, managing, take, hinge on, rupture, indictment, freight, radar, attack, pile, beam, network, load up, delegate, bursting charge, flush, license, debase, cycle, coordination, flash, take down.

excuse, pay cash, entreaty, security, condone, loophole, pardon, pick, appeal, overlook, petition, alternative, exemption, release, acquit, set free, calm down, shield, discharge, tranquillise, plea, shelter, tranquilize, choice, defensive, forgive, waiver, guard, calm, exonerate, preference, proposal, stay, suggestion, selection, postponement, defense, quieten, protection, still, urging, tranquillize, relief, recommendation, ease, grace, opposition, option, lull, quiet, resistance.

Examples of usage:

1) And will he still leave Henderson in his charge? - "The Martins Of Cro' Martin, Vol. II (of II)", Charles James Lever.

2) At the very moment when this charge was made, Peary had in his pocket Captain Adams' letter which gave the same information. - "My Attainment of the Pole", Frederick A. Cook.

3) You mean me to fire the charge? - "The Greater Power", Harold Bindloss W. Herbert Dunton.