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Spell check of frame

Correct spelling: frame

name, phase, vagabond, put together, kind, manikin, physical body, hurl, number, border, inning, haul up, compile, score, assign, rig, methodize, soma, variety, habit, edge, armature, plot, cast, represent, trap, habitus, purge, upchuck, circumscribe, cast off, redact, word form, class, marshal, ready, tracing, scheme, blueprint, shake off, group, trammel, chuck, molding, shed, dope out, form, bod, design, drop, flesh, compose, trim, stray, manakin, schedule, prepare, arrange, maintain, rank, end, cadre, hurtle, grade, invest, vomit, rove, position, delineation, drift, mannikin, type, planned, span, swan, classify, public figure, throw up, wreath, confines, produce, body-build, framing, representation, formulate, mediate, remains, order, var., sketch, margin, material body, range, retch, draw up, descriptor, contrive, scaffolding, put, right, drawing, wander, vomit up, verge, couch, signifier, hem, work out, boundary, silhouette, construction, haoma, corpse, rate, lay out, carcass, girdle, figure of speech, mannequin, skeleton in the cupboard, erect, fabric, sort, stabilize, draft, jamb, piece, pen, framework, limit, subordinate, devise, skirt, skirting, clasp, organize, balance, separate, general anatomy, assemble, configuration, place, fix, establish, fig, enclosure, anatomy, systema skeletale, reference frame, commit, infrastructure, composition, system, frame in, launch, chart, trace, throw, set up, block, honk, write, regulate, indite, fringe, harmonize, unsnarl, ramble, collate, warp, image, put up, profile, stratify, construct, entrap, constitute, periphery, conceive, throw away, embodiment, rationalize, categorize, shape, pitch, frame up, tack, fabricate, pattern, be sick, unify, sick, perimeter, digit, orchestrate, trunk, butt on, spue, project, skeleton in the closet, underframe, variant, organization, arrangement, building, contour, figure, effectuate, coordinate system, skeletal system, integrate, compass, strain, delineate, course, forge, skeletal frame, butt against, outline, throw off, lay, schematize, fashion, stay, settle, skeleton, environ, trimming, control, put in, brim, adjust, tack together, normalize, program, truss, make, flounce, pull up, trope, gear up, regurgitate, manufacture, edging, physique, straighten up, install, condition, borderline, sift, human body, instal, pulp, case, chassis, strategize, dust, systematize, makeup, groundwork, roll, edifice, puke, disgorge, found, ensnare, roam, constitution, mold, rim, circumference, scaffold, march, matting, spew, architecture, frame of reference, mat, edit, cat, ring, stage, girth, pigeonhole, body, raise, mould, words, ashes, draw, regorge, effect, build, support, conformation, shutter, abut, snare, screen, plan, reference system, clay, array, shell, pose, adjoin, surround, bound, structure, rear, set.

intellect, mind, interior, middle, inside, center, intelligence, soul, heart, within, spirit, core, inner.

Examples of usage:

1) In the effort to frame sentiment in measured lines, a weird list of topics occupied my strained fancy. - "My Attainment of the Pole", Frederick A. Cook.

2) " Who-" The sentence which the girl's lips started to frame died with the first word. - "The Man from Jericho", Edwin Carlile Litsey.

3) It is only driven into the frame, and I believe we could pull out frame and all. - "The Hilltop Boys on Lost Island", Cyril Burleigh.