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Spell check of change

Correct spelling: change

innovation, draw back, jack, bank note, sort out, pocket money, swop, wobble, modulation, silver, consistency, proselytization, take back, remove, trend, diverge, spay, burp, switch over, upturn, income, straighten up, decimalize, stock, displace, swap, transubstantiation, bounty, rotation, revision, convertible, novelty, transition, throw, upset, bleed, activity, stabilization, blood money, smorgasbord, depart, adoption, pelf, sublimate, make into, decimalise, blacken, alternate, browse, vacillate, fluctuation, commute, get, adjust, gold, win over, limiting, evolution, diversity, layover, correction, green, tack, fortune, wallet, transfigure, currency, clean up, adaption, substitute, cash, on, ingot, scratch, moola, variegate, shop around, baby milk, wander, enthusiasm, loot, overturn, diversify, constancy, wampum, cot death, money, refashioning, delight, bond, adjustment, alter, adaptation, flip, supplant, lolly, get on, lighten, vicissitude, modulate, reversal, inflection, revise, budge, denominate, channelize, dollar, imitate, heighten, invert, form, off, effect, trade, the home stretch, IOU, turning, interchange, digress, stir, wavering, enjoyment, branch out, copper, tidy, sort, leg, deviation, conversion, board, ways and means, lurch, mutation, represent, clean, amount, compound, shrink, stray, transmit, strike out, dough, reverse, transpose, escapism, qualification, enlargement, mixed bag, bureau de change, intensify, coupon, backtrack, back, reposition, convert, amusement, pull away, cash flow, removal, oscillation, miscellany, ups and downs, miscellanea, falsify, upend, reconstruction, chips, needful, change over, variance, embark, qualify, bread, resolution, channel, substitutable, retreat, agitate, vary, binge, review, exchange, improvisation, peel off, port of call, crowd pleaser, metamorphosis, budget, addition, modification, veer, flip-flop, receipts, distortion, inconstancy, assortment, quarters, part, proceeds, wealth, renew, clean out, bleach, transfiguration, mixture, reformation, lap, blast, wad, rearrangement, coin, interpolate, greenback, compression, changeover, advance, treasure, appropriation, convince, pull off, reorganization, aberration, gross, moolah, metamorphose, cabbage, diversion, doff, stand aside, dislodge, catch, transmogrification, deplane, counterchange, regeneration, pick up, breastfeed, diversification, pick up after, give way, variation, price, mellow, redoing, banknote, replaceable, get out of, vacillation, base currency, brush, fluctuate, careen, replace, reassign, reclaim, contraction, legal tender, long green, subrogate, check, succeed, variety, shake-up, modify, fling off, fitting, revamping, turn into, balance sheet, shop, reclamation, money order, qualifying, clear out, small change, refinement, drop-off, bullion, reworking, transplant, brighten, motley, coinage, readjustment, assets, regenerate, tilt, landfall, narrowing, renovation, crib death, adapt, transmutation, fade, replacement, transmute, proselytize, nugget, game-changing, deepen, tender, revolution, bill, petty cash, capsize, remaking, transit, diverseness, common currency, difference, chicken feed, bucks, transfer, substitution, funds, break with, departure, setting, transport, turn, kick off, remodeling, check out, baby talk, sample, veering, begin, colic, transformation, gray, supersede, transposition, disrobe, channelise, worth, bankroll, profit, alteration, swag, promissory note, issue, shift, reform, kale, neuter, disembarkation, relieve, jumping-off point, renewal, deviate, variety show, note, back away, castrate, sterling, bottle-feed, transform, capital, draft, kind, scatter, pitch, move, wherewithal, potpourri, second, differ, pounds, lucre, spending money, set, about-face, mutate, shekels, basket, switch, development, sublimation, net worth, multifariousness, bailout, salmagundi, permute, purse.

hold, rest, persist, remain, fixation, abide, keep, retain, continue, stay, stabilization, bide, endure.

Examples of usage:

1) He looked to the mother for help and saw that a change had come over her. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.

2) Call us quickly, dear, if you have reason to change your mind. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.

3) Still you can change it. - "The Locusts' Years", Mary Helen Fee.