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Spell check of border

Correct spelling: border

phone, jump, extreme, delimitation, cast, environ, ring, couch, decoration, gross profit margin, cutoff, knock against, acme, tolerance, framework, junction, brink, tip, drawing, ringing, put, clay sculpture, wall, exhibit, touch, moulding, end, adjoin, parade, inch, restriction, margin, beleaguer, connection, profile, haunch, beach, garden, meet, trammel, fringe, security deposit, put off, trim, butt on, contour, circumference, outline, throttle, configuration, ornament, hem, process, apex, call up, trace, dry land, surround, run into, peripheral, frame up, shank, perimeter, frontier limit, girth, belt, allowance, same, skirting, fudge, terminate, envelop, marchland, conservation area, ricochet, resound, allotment, acreage, overlay, meeting, limitation, periphery, trimming, tracing, encircle, duck, plan, kettle, form, enclosure, coast, band, knell, limit, dodge, reach out, evade, rebound, mould, leap, modeling, maximum, boundary, redact, parry, palisade, hedge, state line, ensnare, territory, sharpness, representation, grounds, herbaceous border, side, brim, botanical garden, demarcation, embellishment, skeleton, echo, curb, bank, wire frame, sketch, restrain, detailing, call, borderline, adornment, edging, shoulder, march, rival, coastal, frame in, domain, bed, abutment, port of entry, bower, figure, recoil, resile, confines, flank, skirt, molding, outpost, verge on, approach, jar against, hem in, no-man's-land, demonstrate, elude, strand, verge, gross profit, contact, corridor, marginal, conservancy, delineation, boundary line, peal, connect, bounds, mete, entrap, butt against, deadline, contain, terminus, zenith, join, claim, bound, sidestep, leeway, besiege, compose, line, bump into, approximate, restrict, frame, shore, precipice, engulf, confine, telephone, fence in, smother, bounce, flowerbed, decor, casting, take a hop, silhouette, frontier, patterning, modelling, spring, mold, marge, fence, reverberate, rim, compass, enclose, abut, bunt, draw up, edge, backyard, set up, challenge, borderland, circumvent, extremity.

heart, interior, inner, core, within, middle, center, inside.

Examples of usage:

1) This has a border, but with a white ground instead of a black. - "Fine Books", Alfred W. Pollard.

2) His fair straight hair hung in masses about his shoulders; his round childish face beamed underneath the border of his cap. - "The Dead Lake and Other Tales", Paul Heyse.

3) Conal's offered him a third to work with him to- night, and run the mob through to the border. - "The Pioneers", Katharine Susannah Prichard.