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Spell check of bond

Correct spelling: bond

bank note, juxtapose, confederation, reverence, abutment, petty cash, follow, affidavit, countersignature, splice, draw, join, article, string, seize, knitting, iron, in bondage, anchor, wall paper, adhesion, ways and means, change, junction, pounds, unanimity, medium, zipper, gross, newsprint, bonding, spending money, attach, scratch, consolidate, adherence, surety, assurance, arbitrage, sting, obligate, James Bond, impound, tape, relationship, acquiescence, coupling, hook, bandage, binding, lock, rice paper, concordance, tarpaper, dumbfound, coalition, link, wad, constraint, wherewithal, seal, money, fond regard, cardboard, agreement, bankroll, twine, beat, braid, cleat, affixation, nexus, secure, safeguard, wed, ingot, latch, calcify, shackle, capital, agent, cement, behave, annex, penchant, token, behavior, amalgamation, get, swag, alliance, oblige, couple, synergy, blotting paper, loot, sequester, respect, button, tie, closure, codicil, adhesive, yoke, control, cleave, roofing paper, limitation, contract, guy, rubber band, IOU, truss, consensus, annuity, convention, budget, clasp, restriction, perplex, branch, stipulation, oath, spike, vise, brace, thread, certification, nugget, accord, wedding, ensure, friendship, clip, ardor, flummox, cuff, adhesiveness, strap, juxtaposition, contrarian, commitment, band, ally, affinity, consolidation, capitulation, treasure, assets, obligation, binder, mystify, rabbet, acceptance, affiliation, carbon paper, bind, pocket money, currency, hold, deal, stay, appropriation, confiscate, stick by, understanding, accordance, clamp, action, skewer, wallet, moolah, note paper, amount, middleman, affix, balanced equation, safety belt, cinch, bullion, nail, relation, cohere, merge, parchment, connect, assent, clause, enslaved, aerate, bracelet, vellum, balance sheet, get in with, bewilder, pact, conjunction, affirm, lodge, concurrence, compact, wax paper, bill, alinement, insurance, glue, income, click, range, marriage, knot, correlation, affection, affirmation, fastener, bailout, purse, issue, manacle, concord, crepe, accession, tie down, cohesion, stock, coinage, cultivate, word, onionskin, capital gains tax, funds, cable, copper, buckle, vex, engagement, vinculum, constipate, meeting, wedge, draft, dollar, juncture, hitch, vow, fortune, receipts, brad, bond certificate, love affair, tissue, hinge, cincture, stupefy, collateral, pledge, connectedness, take up with, manila, the carbon cycle, merger, suture, hobble, foolscap, paper, guarantee, vouch, fastening, tie up, gold, love, duty, trammel net, coupon, money order, rivet, bracket, confines, stick to, stand by, covenant, wampum, deference, gravel, settlement, jointure, bounty, hold fast, amaze, boundary, guaranty, gyve, check, cleave to, belt, capital-intensive, note, hit it off, blue chip, bolt, dough, go-between, grapnel, nonplus, agree, hamper, trammel, empathy, weld, wealth, cotter, fetter, pose, leaning, passion, bring together, wire, link up, mutual agreement, irons, bail bond, consent, adhere, cling, cord, pin, chemical bond, Julian Bond, lien, clinch, wrapping paper, bail, size, profit, blood money, papier-mache, lace, association, mediator, rope, law, assure, romance, greenback, fasten, befriend, handcuff, admiration, relate, silver, hasp, warrant, lucre, staple, net worth, taste, annexation, affiliate, connection, cash, worth, brief, trammels, adjacency, amalgamate, insure, puzzle, predilection, stick with, criminal record, conveyance, arrangement, sterling, alignment, baffle, proceeds, stick, hawser, snap, union, stick around, limit, cellophane, warranty, countersign, chain, mucilage, liking, cash flow, preference, undertaking, stitch, catch, draw together, tack, certificate, ligament, stay put, certify, promise, marry, security, fall in with, linkage, restraint, promissory note, attachment, connector, holder, fuse, enthralled, adsorb, assay, devotion, debenture, free, derivative, ligature, paste, abut, bond paper, treaty, awe.

unfettering, detaching, emancipation, liberation, disengaging, unbinding, unfastening, freedom, untying, parting, separation, release.

Examples of usage:

1) Harry Martin would as soon have thought of proposing his valet at " Brookes's," as walk down Bond Street with Mr. Merl. - "The Martins Of Cro' Martin, Vol. II (of II)", Charles James Lever.

2) " You are right," muttered he to one near him, " he is 'booked; ' my bond will come due before the month ends." - "The Martins Of Cro' Martin, Vol. II (of II)", Charles James Lever.

3) They will 'have their bond, ' unless it can be distinctly proved to them that the thing is impossible. - "The Martins Of Cro' Martin, Vol. II (of II)", Charles James Lever.