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Spell check of check

Correct spelling: check

interference, bear, hamper, teach, assure, sign, chipping, check off, tick, tangle, copper, pit, mark out, eject, deem, chair, discard, run off, diaphragm, fleck, logbook, full stop, kerb, go bad, educate, cancel, table, split, hack, keep, go against, crimp, founder, ticktack, rift, cull, break up, investigate, potato chip, checkup, snap, discourage, yellow journalism, receipts, abandon, conk out, pockmark, obtain, cleft, rub, deep-six, fracture, contemplate, break off, cover, bottleneck, read, thwart, full point, yearbook, lozenge, sum up, conceal, chip, split up, expose, taking into custody, blister, defy, embarrass, eliminate, novel, score, erupt, hurt, understand, obstruct, examine, hold on, book, stopover, antagonize, look into, tab key, trail, tab, intercept, wallet, con, hamstring, thesaurus, come apart, arrive, waybill, validation, stamp down, impede, go for, counter, junk, document, delay, equalise, end, note, divert, drive off, tour, tag, hold off, bung, offset, brake, album, check out, conquer, pair, annual, burst, underwrite, constipate, gash, image, benchmark, shutdown, start, let out, disclaim, closure, block up, discontinue, agree, recount, store, cash, denounce, entrap, emit, fight, limp, shear, rail, declare, perusal, discolor, jibe, find, lop, look out, reassure, suss out, chill, fall over, kibosh, cross, ascertain, subdue, swag, hold up, blockage, tour of duty, jettison, micro chip, collar, itemize, peruse, file, watch out, verification, review, freckle, recrudesce, break down, spot, splotch, rival, rack up, insure, retrovert, curbing, backtrack, break in, scrape, lead, take, check into, marble, belch, regard, blemish, expiration, depress, deterrent, sore, support, double-check, assay, harbor, wad, pull in, adjudge, resist, stop consonant, flout, specify, crop, cop, seep, operate, blot, distinguish, secure, bankroll, memorize, nab, hold, handicap, clink, ticking, pock, chasten, oppress, look on, view as, balance sheet, disaffirm, run down, fault, coach, limitation, restraint, memorise, smash, derail, dot, gibe, summary, blackball, abrasion, learn, nick, fit, break away, part, break through, manipulate, prevent, accommodate, duty tour, profit, worth, mire, checked, pause, negate, obstruction, defend, apprehend, slow down, cope with, square up, chalk up, prevail, break dance, line, term of enlistment, moderate, disfigure, retain, catalog, run across, silicon chip, weal, incumbrance, curtail, summarize, microchip, impedimenta, apply, restrict, prove, condition, revert, stop over, bill, bar, guard, reserve, have got, grade, nugget, bond, rein, concord, overturn, feel out, termination, challenge, lucre, take for, disability, visualize, certify, discontinuation, beat, double back, blacklist, stand for, closedown, let on, circumscription, make up one's mind, baffle, object, slit, enumerate, crock up, guarantee, cutoff, inspect, get, splintering, get word, roll, study, streak, add together, reveal, distort, curb, obligate, disgorge, carry, close, decide, deface, slow up, currency, trash, under control, preventative, efface, shed, constraint, probe, enclose, eyesore, freeze, hinderance, regress, restriction, stricture, hold back, defect, wait, get wind, violate, get out, forbear, disapprove, look-see, ban, cross off, tell, equalize, consort, throw, experiment, annals, temper, deter, prepare, fix, bankrupt, plosive consonant, deform, abrade, plug, interrupt, check over, exude, oppose, correct, gybe, income, click, checkout time, square off, daunt, vomit, add, secrete, maintain, going-over, blockade, striate, poker chip, count, avert, infract, give way, commemorate, audit, cave in, see to it, inspection, encounter, daybook, impairment, promise, counteract, admonish, turn back, ledger, plosive speech sound, return, conform to, excise, detail, verify, occlusive, spoilage, jilt, demonstrate, schedule, record, restrain, cut back, scan, mark off, equip, renounce, wear out, suppress, discharge, digest, chip shot, collect, disincline, limit, break, ruin, bit, clog, cut-off, spending money, assets, block off, chop, stock, invert, cranny, ending, confront, realize, hear, correspond, contradict, budget, tone down, spew, fetter, go over, transgress, weaken, itemization, plaid, conclusion, offend, slow, accord, aim, recording, go, incorporate, counterbalance, develop, dough, project, die, fall in, dispel, foul, watch, enumeration, drive away, register, loot, hindrance, pinch, retick, label, ingot, rebuff, fail, nullify, impurity, treasury, crack up, burden, intimidate, frustrate, snip, drawback, impair, outfit, brand, impediment, scroll, take hold, pad, coupon, interfere, look, stay, discover, clip, tally, stigma, money, checkout, silver, scrutiny, turn up, detain, experience, quit, diary, sound out, coinage, invoice, obstructer, fortune, vent, change course, touch, confine, dapple, groom, scar, surcease, summate, train, nail, fall apart, defeat, imperfection, history, proof, test, discoloration, collapse, attend, tarnish, check-out procedure, come across, envision, documentation, curb bit, lapse, civilise, preventive, see, relegate, baulk, reject, encumber, dictionary, disagree, better, analyze, stigmatize, block, constrain, tabulate, analysis, scrapbook, greenback, wear, couple, apprehension, catch out, disfigurement, bank note, check up on, snag, harbour, registry, plosive, pay, gross, wherewithal, contain, trammel, checkout counter, confirm, crisp, harmonise, chequer, disclose, snarl, remittance, observe, trouble, dispute, hit, find out, repudiate, reckoning, substantiation, exhaust, tablet, comprise, roster, cut, flake, foil, chronicle, gold, scab, barrack, balk, scratch, harmonize, fissure, keep in line, hobble, punctuate, suit, notch, survey, tame, concur, sum, get a line, give, excrete, wealth, cheque, mate, decelerate, give out, repress, visualise, regulate, blotch, divulge, damp, bridle, distortion, dam, wart, take care, demote, inhibit, differentiate, lesion, stain, census, dollar, nock, ways and means, deny, consider, taint, lay off, repel, deformity, get in, larn, money order, capital, index, fit in, scrutinize, check mark, fit out, jeer, hinder, purse, scrap, patchwork, snap off, sort out, draft, inhibition, quilt, disavow, construe, pill, moolah, sustain, color, drag, withstand, breach, mold, dishearten, date, evacuate, point, go steady, settle, qualify, total, establish, shape, comparison, scuff, interpret, cessation, tessellate, match, cease, halt, dampen, school, pocket money, shutoff, issue, scoff, stigmatise, congest, bullion, list, catch, meet, choke, break out, funds, keep back, terminate, continue, promissory note, tot, play off, cow dung, limited, chit, figure, obstructor, disallow, bust, soften, hold in, go off, discontinuance, flaw, mar, docket, repertory, buffalo chip, colorize, give up, treasure, account, blow in, invalidate, have, go out, substantiate, disprove, equal, view, watch over, jib, fancy, change, ensure, nurse, make, repulse, conflict, notice, kink, set, manifest, sterling, arrest, defacement, hang-up, chase away, confirmation, cripple, layover, investigation, pass, barricade, take aim, journal, finish, equate, drive out, deposition, stoppage, examination, dissuade, follow, run into, tote up, lexicon, damage, bring out, stipulate, direct, pasteboard, checker, cramp, unwrap, represent, hitch, cultivate, entangle, visit, occlusion, determine, collection, escort, come off, try, enlistment, restrained, disablement, calendar, encumbrance, log, influence, entertain, counterattack, picture, paralyze, tinkle, exclude, show up, statement, arrestment, kick downstairs, control, mince, command, separate, meddle, reach, add up, realise, protest, bank check, reckon, pick up, tink, mark, cross out, twin, crevice, stop, master, get around, drain, acquire, strike out, define, civilize, intermit, complicate, instruct, jam, strike off, research, tick off, deflect, reverse, proceeds, discipline, ticktock, bump, inventory, wampum, stripe, oblige, spoil, give away, witness, go through, oppugn, ratification, menu, tot up, take in, keep an eye on, notebook, bind, speck, admit, tabloid, rafter, cow chip.

disaccord, prolongation, persistence, extension, continuation, discord, disagree, continuance, latitude, freedom.

Examples of usage:

1) Her manner brought him to a sudden check. - "The Locusts' Years", Mary Helen Fee.

2) Val bit her lips, as soon as she had spoken, to check their quivering. - "Lonesome Land", B. M. Bower.

3) This gives a rough check for his time. - "My Attainment of the Pole", Frederick A. Cook.