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Spell check of cincture

Correct spelling: cincture

chain, hinge, hawser, bond, medium, snap, ring, ligament, self-belt, pin, latch, mediator, vinculum, hook, begird, cummerbund, cleat, strap, stays, lace, anchor, weld, girdle, gird, hasp, cotter, tack, staple, rivet, nail, clip, lock, clasp, window sash, grapnel, stitch, bracket, fastener, seal, skewer, corset, link, cinch, zipper, edge, waistband, girt, bonding, fuse, ceinture, suture, guy, catch, stay, go-between, mucilage, binder, spike, closure, coupling, braid, bolt, vise, belt, hitch, band, thread, knitting, compass, encompass, string, cement, engird, tie, twine, knot, waistcloth, sash, buckle, clinch, agent, paste, rabbet, glue, fastening, brad, connector, button, middleman, splice, engirdle, brace, binding, clamp.

Examples of usage:

1) Should these pages, at this moment, meet the eyes of one who has become the centre of a circle of disgrace- the contaminator of her house- the dishonour of her children,- no matter what the excuse for her crime- no matter what the exchange of her station- in the very arms of her lover, in the very cincture of the new ties which she has chosen- I call upon her to answer me if the fondest moments of rapture are free from humiliation, though they have forgotten remorse; and if the passion itself of her lover has not become no less the penalty than the recompense of her guilt? - "Falkland, Complete", Edward Bulwer-Lytton.

2) Bonne renommee vaut plus que cincture doree. - "Bacon is Shake-Speare", Sir Edwin Durning-Lawrence.

3) He stepped across to the other couch, and slipped off his shoes, took off his cincture, and lay down without a word. - "Dawn of All", Robert Hugh Benson.