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Spell check of cultivate

Correct spelling: cultivate

make for, shape, check, bring, nourish, produce, ferment, act upon, trim, domesticise, range, blackmail, grow, discipline, lop, influence, naturalize, civilize, put to work, domesticize, plant, tone down, make up to, dress, snip, cozy up, do work, domesticate, keep up, train, play, manufacture, generate, propagate, touch, reproduction, teach, tend, develop, forge, cash crop, educate, cut back, bribe, solve, father, exploit, civilise, exercise, moderate, wreak, browse, keep in with, coach, till, incubate, pick up, further, refine, naturalise, nurture, construct, clip, cultivated, corn, flatter, take aim, crop, trail, lick, sour, work out, foster, subdue, form, acquire, combine, pasture, groom, aim, retrain, knead, make, prepared, invent, take, work, fabricate, farm, run, culture, promote, go, forward, crop rotation, mother, school, advance, mold, work on, originate, prepare, direct, care for, master, prune, arable, operate, improve, mould, rear, execute, buy off, maneuver, tame, reclaim, encourage, learn, plow, function, act, build, absorb, puzzle out, raise, turn, graze, buy, chasten, nurse, figure out, breed, rail, process, create, condition, crop circle.

proscribe, inhibit, check, lose, pick, enjoin, shuck, snuff, extirpate, suppress, forsake, manacle, contend, unload, ban, counter, fight, discard, stifle, forbid, slough, prohibit, dig, squash, shackle, outlaw, interfere, scrap, fling, fetter, hobble, repress, cast, oppose, squelch, abandon, reject, battle, hay, discourage, ditch, halt, prevent, frustrate, jettison, shed, uproot, subdue, bar, dump, pull, combat, arrest, mow, cut, throw out, desert, obstruct, pluck, hinder, throw away, interdict, encumber, impede, junk.

Examples of usage:

1) Cultivate a cheerful disposition. - "Dollars and Sense", Col. Wm. C. Hunter.

2) He needed no London School of Mnemonics to teach him to cultivate a man with plenty of money. - "Command", William McFee.

3) I'll run cattle- but I want to clear and cultivate too. - "The Pioneers", Katharine Susannah Prichard.