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Spell check of help

Correct spelling: help

assist, lull, hand, advance, protagonist, peon, attend, dispense, bequeath, devote, edit, revitalize, backing, laborer, serve, cooperate, console, table service, solace, work, vassal, foster, help oneself, present, mildness, attend to, distribute, tender, jock, clipboard, assistance, auxiliary, minister, overhaul, benefit, expend, servicing, back, field, disburse, lieutenant, ameliorate, facilitation, clip art, endowment, grant, assign, endow, advantage, remedy, uphold, menial, motivation, provide, better, helping hand, easement, houseboy, appeasement, befriend, autoflow, servant, economic aid, admirer, financial aid, agent, succor, dish out, guidance, enrich, sustain, get past, encourage, correct, help out, advice, donate, do good, service, friend, part with, encouragement, divine service, butler, optimization, meliorate, support, assistant, offer, sustenance, promote, domestic service, submit, garter, girl, impart, ally, pledge, serving, extend, stand by, subordinate, chattel, employee, shower, labor force, consign, pay, automatic hyphenation, favor, attribute, buddy system, cooperation, guide, pool, upgrade, supporter, helpmate, mothering, share, armed service, bestow, enhance, get behind, patron, dish up, aid, lift, contribution, award, junior, cabin boy, staff, henchman, dole, function, serve up, benefactor, get through, allot, amend, tending, amah, furnish, answer, attendant, assuagement, advance person, leg up, mother, aide, send, fund, sponsor, ration, agency, supply, accomplice, second, relief, ascribe, military service, champion, tend, handmaiden, nurture, dish, underling, flunky, deliver, respite, alleviate, ease, yield, process, improve, nourishment, pawn, boost, relieve, facilitate, browse mode, hand over, avail, lavish, serve well, helper, care, assuage, give, service of process, consolation, serf, appease, acolyte, autosave, allow, lend, workforce, improve on, inspection and repair, deputy, mercy, contribute, swear out, attention, ministration, cure, motivate, footman, suspensor, personnel, comfort, maintenance, subject, render, asset, make for, ancillary, aide-de-camp, alleviation, housemaid, athletic supporter, file format, abet, jockstrap, bug, suffice, abetment, booster, worker, religious service, volunteer, manpower, nurse, wait on, administrative assistant, further, boon, do.

interference, discouragement, encumbrance, liability, inhibitor, thwart, oppose, inhibition, obstacle, resist, counteract, constraint, repression, withstand, disadvantage, obstruction, restraint, hindrance, stranglehold, impediment, discourage, minus, frustration, deterrence, drawback.

Examples of usage:

1) I think she's sorry she couldn't help you out. - "The Mermaid of Druid Lake and Other Stories", Charles Weathers Bump.

2) Now they could not help themselves. - "A History of the Third French Republic", C. H. C. Wright.

3) Athena could not help what had happened. - "Jane Oglander", Marie Belloc Lowndes.