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Spell check of advance

Correct spelling: advance

erect, anterior, issue, investiture, advanced, make, ascending, stir, beforehand, pull in, extend, refinement, up front, rising, allowance, wage hike, further, suggestion, do, bring home the bacon, get on, proceed, build up, mortgage, climb, come through, evoke, fling, help, emanation, take in, gift, cost increase, attain, quote, going, show up, credit, embellish, senesce, maximize, prove, draw near, circulate, plead, call forth, do good, throw away, bring up, cast out, invitation, expel, onward motion, set forth, bring in, distribute, bestow, allege, dismiss, advertize, favor, onrush, say, shape up, benefit, acclivity, relegate, come about, early, pass off, chuck out, glide path, burgeon, put on, expedite, bring forward, plan of attack, offering, approach path, gain, multiply, claim, bestride, antecedent, maintain, kindle, levy, gain ground, hike up, correct, hand, put across, leaven, overture, improvement, be on, submit, endowment, adduce, serve, near, hit, prelude, grant, toss away, mount up, come out, happen, hurry, elevate, forward motion, enkindle, build, grow, continue, come near, kick upstairs, submission, succeed, upraise, throw out, profit, reinforce, deliver the goods, acquire, front, rise, hasten, age, march, assign, cast away, accommodation, nurture, antenna, contribute, improve, jump, discard, barbel, advancement, elaborate, assert, close, appear, fatten, glide slope, pass, go on, come, ascension, lengthen, lease, gather, go along, stride, hap, get on with, put forward, loom, ascend, fall out, carry on, impart, widen, work up, attempt, occur, pull ahead, produce, recruit, enlarge, pressurize, earn, enhancement, make headway, prior, reach, donation, let, accelerate, kick out, put up, foster, derive, quicken, promotion, come along, advertise, upgrade, precede, climb on, amplify, get up, procession, get along with, keep, preliminary, deal, elicit, broaden, bestowal, realise, turn up, increase, aver, refine, turn over, approach shot, arouse, set ahead, breakthrough, set up, add, conjure, sublet, motion, oust, feeler, supercharge, aid, facilitate, approaching, cast aside, realize, toss out, draw close, jump on, parent, bid, introduce, promote, clear, rear, before, hop on, make out, encourage, assist, increment, boost, affirm, magnify, come on, garnish, furtherance, headway, precedent, forward, ascent, converge, renovate, progression, resurrect, get ahead, lift, avail, move on, propose, get along, expand, boot out, heighten, surface, take place, go up, toss, invite, raise, wage increase, pressurise, loan, earlier, melioration, leave, attack, proposal, preceding, cite, march on, ease, in advance, provoke, offer, pass on, push, debt, access, fire, pawn, come up, state, board, previous, call up, win, patterned advance, declare, concession, arrive at, dispose, quotation, maturate, render, invoke, move, cash advance, drum out, inflate, ahead, lend, tender, pose, accrue, enrich, simplify, fare, augment, hike, endow, progress, impend, communicate, suggest, rising slope, better, farm, enhance, asseverate, betterment, propound, conjure up, amelioration, passage, put away, present, citation, mature, give, coming, mount, pass around, approach, salary increase, call down, process.

detriment, degeneration, break, pull back, languishment, regress, declension, turnabout, lose, hindrance, downgrade, lapse, pull away, draw back, crash, reflux, reverse, failing, backwash, sinking, diminishment, glitch, reduction, late, decline, regression, bump, drop off, demote, decrease, retrogress, middle, weakening, return, kick downstairs, breakdown, decay, setback, fall back, lessening, reversal, stumbling block, impediment, decadence, recede, retreat, recession, impairment, about-face, descent, deterioration, drawback, retire, withdraw, fall behind, worsening, move back, flagging, collapse, retrograde, relegate, retraction, disablement, recess, ebb, back, ebbing, slowing, shortcoming, retrogression, turnaround.

Examples of usage:

1) On our advance to the Polar sea, I found that there is considerable art in building snowhouses. - "My Attainment of the Pole", Frederick A. Cook.

2) The daily advance was less. - "My Attainment of the Pole", Frederick A. Cook.

3) Further advance was impossible. - "My Attainment of the Pole", Frederick A. Cook.