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Spell check of construct

Correct spelling: construct

name, build, theory, cause, reach, design, form, stimulate, make up, formulate, piddle, bring about, induce, lay down, codify, do, take a leak, constitute, execute, circle, set up, concept, attain, compile, make water, trump up, render, imagine, creation, confect, micturate, pass water, cook up, prime, devise, faith, mark out, equip, outfit, progress, compel, nominate, dress, curry, earn, fashion, foster, invent, remodel, realize, stuff, take in, manage, build up, imprint, draft, become, principle, produce, vamp, seduce, object, relieve oneself, occasion, hit, outline, erect, wee, spend a penny, thought, reconstruct, stool, shape, retrace, wee-wee, excogitate, effect, mold, forge, hold, put together, reorganize, trace, score, create, puddle, go up, manufacture, contrive, give, frame, embody, force, raise, draw, rear, mark, cook, combine, arrive at, envision, embrace, include, entity, make out, ramp up, get, constrain, gain, article, mother, engrave, establish, carve, progress to, clear, throw up, redo, structure, assemble, idea, ready, commitment, bring in, realise, streak, pretend, ideal, systematize, think, compose, work, perform, pull in, take, belief, innovation, invention, put up, thing, make, marshal, restore, rebuild, cultivate, furnish, have, pee-pee, fix, concoct, extend, work up, prioritize, organism, get to, generate, develop, father, mobilize, coordinate, set, fabricate, throw, whole, conception, excogitation, require, philosophy, make believe, drum up, fit, piece, item, restructure, operate, arrange, conceive, take a crap, prepare, originate, ca-ca, take a shit.

disconnect, smash, disjoin, imitate, dismantle, devastate, knock down, explode, blow up, divide, clone, shatter, destroy, wreck, demount, dismember, replicate, copy, level, reproduce, demolish, misconception, pulverize, flatten, disengage, mimic, copycat, take down, disunite, tear down, disassemble, ruinate, separate, pull down, reduplicate, detach, strike, ruin, raze, duplicate.

Examples of usage:

1) It would have been easy to construct during the daytime some kind of roof over her head, but now they were enveloped in such darkness that they could not see each other at all. - "In Desert and Wilderness", Henryk Sienkiewicz.

2) You do not have to actually construct such a chart, as the Government has for sale blank Mercator charts for every parallel of latitude in which they can be used. - "Lectures in Navigation", Ernest Gallaudet Draper.

3) To fit a mast to the boat, and construct some kind of rude sail out of the rags that lay strewn about our decks, occupied the men up to a late hour of the evening. - "A Lady's Captivity among Chinese Pirates in the Chinese Seas", Fanny Loviot.