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Spell check of execute

Correct spelling: execute

pass, liquidate, bleed, flow, drown, build, avenge, slaughter, sue, render, motivate, race, play, finalize, imprison, put to sleep, bunk, lean, serve, compass, take to the woods, drive, order, accomplish, fulfill, feed, arrive, comport, coif, electrocute, construct, bring off, fabricate, work out, officiate, ply, inspire, melt down, function, coiffure, eliminate, get along, conduct, achieve, close, elicit, direct, fly the coop, invent, chastise, castigate, swing, keelhaul, run away, cultivate, bump off, integrate, die hard, turn tail, exercise, terminate, endeavor, go through, graduate, litigate, butcher, enterprise, effectuate, control, bring about, break away, discipline, practise, guide, hang, tend, croak, confine, afflict, create, manufacture, coiffe, interpret, generate, carry out, engineer, ice, put away, take out, lead, bring through, keep, discharge, follow through, torture, pull through, strangle, complete, hightail it, rub out, fill, crucify, act, endure, induce, develop, unify, hunt, arrange, culminate, preside, consort, form, carry off, answer, make, conclude, hunt down, steer, save, cause, behave, dispatch, distress, suffocate, meet, unravel, off, fare, knock off, whack, neutralize, labor, realize, carry through, agonize, smother, work, put to death, over, get, correct, black market, try, satisfy, exterminate, oversee, campaign, pillory, do, chill, live up to, assassinate, reach, lam, bridle, invoke, extend, attain, actualize, penalize, practice, be given, carry, massacre, remove, head for the hills, sacrifice, harness, operate, rule, originate, engender, mother, end, give rise to, fulfil, snuff, perform, performing arts, make out, superintend, dispense, sentence, prosecute, persist, judge, supervise, transact, negotiate, come, evoke, lambaste, escape, dress, follow up, commit, govern, appear, finish, father, range, enforce, melt, consummate, move, prevail, action, implement, incline, run for, set, track down, punish, force, go, manage, reprise, scat, provoke, draw, persecute, purge, burden, put through, run, suffice, apply, ladder, obligation, smite, do away with, slay, scarper, course, administer, do in, administrate, produce, effect, command, process, chasten, perpetrate, fine, behead, anguish, follow out, incarcerate, asphyxiate, dominate, pilot, pull off, react.

revive, raise, spoil, slight, destroy, animate, resuscitate, restore, ruin, skimp, come short, neglect, fail, resurrect, ignore, frustrate, slur, disregard, defeat, miscarry, miss, mar, baffle.

Examples of usage:

1) God's grace has rendered me equally willing to lie concealed, or to execute his will more publicly. - "Letters of Madam Guyon", P. L. Upham.

2) For some moments the officers hesitated; the majesty and dignity of Him whom they had come to seize cast a spell upon them; no one liked to be the first to arrest Him, and Jesus had to declare Himself a second time ere the leaders ventured to execute their commission. - "The Making of an Apostle", R. J. Campbell.

3) That means that he received a kind of commission from the upper class to execute the translation. - "English Literature and Society in the Eighteenth Century", Leslie Stephen.