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Spell check of affirm

Correct spelling: affirm

suppose, put up, ensure, assure, notarize, lay down, bond, propound, nourish, bring before, credit, actualise, prolong, vouch, corroborate, assert, insure, judge, protest, call, give faith, confirm, adopt, cite, approve, stick out, presume, bear out, say, back, concur, assume, capitulate, approbate, aver, trust, keep, arraign, vagabond, contract, welcome, surmise, rely, claim, express, get, underpin, produce, certify, support, cuss, indorse, declare, align, embody, control, suffer, drift, enable, acquiesce, acknowledge, prove, subscribe, range, purport, ally, gather, appear, testify, abide, agree with, admit, avow, show, plead, bear, guarantee, patronize, pass, insist, body forth, cast, incarnate, set down, have, accept, attest, plump for, fend for, believe, sanction, assign, profess, empower, curse, submit, promise, hold, ramble, offer, bring, conclude, keep going, pledge, commission, swan, imprecate, tolerate, brook, law, warrant, adduce, recognize, countersign, state, assent, patronise, allow, back up, stomach, license, accredit, repeat, rove, sympathize, condone, deputize, verify, cooperate, take for granted, safeguard, roam, depone, proclaim, avouch, argue, ordain, bank, pronounce, hold up, nurture, designate, substantiate, allege, entitle, roll, advance, appeal, agree, permit, plunk for, sustain, secure, actualize, patronage, deem, adjure, swear, consent, OK, asseverate, stipulate, stand, conform, bless, maintain, digest, keep up, introduce, endure, denominate, blaspheme, ratify, reassert, depose, validate, contend, underwrite, defend, speak up for, put forward, accede, put faith in, understand, authorize, wander, promote, point to, recommend, realize, realise, empathize, endorse, stray, authenticate, enfranchise, get behind.

ignore, deny, disclaim, minimize, gainsay, repudiate, overlook, disregard, negative, rebut, challenge, abandon, question, understate, contradict, neglect, refute, disprove, reject, dispute, counter, negate, disown, confute, disavow.

Examples of usage:

1) Nevertheless, it is as difficult to affirm that the primitive parts of the one creed are older than the most primitive parts of the other, as it is to affirm that the highest transcendentalisms are more recent. - "The Ethnology of the British Colonies and Dependencies", Robert Gordon Latham.

2) In face of this it is rather remarkable to find that the idea was undoubtedly entertained by Mr. Darwin, who took for granted that to deny Purpose is to affirm Chance. - "The Old Riddle and the Newest Answer", John Gerard.

3) He said: Were I to affirm that Laennec contributed more toward the advancement of the medical art than any other single individual, either of ancient or of modern times, I should probably be advancing a proposition which, in the estimation of many, is neither extravagant nor unjust. - "Makers of Modern Medicine", James J. Walsh.