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Spell check of bind

Correct spelling: bind

weld, affiliate, wrench, vex, adjudge, sting, constrain, splice, corner, carry, backstitch, perplex, buckle, harbor, relationship, clog, crochet, weave, pin, plait, require, support, go for, concord, enhance, harbour, chain-stitch, transform, entangle, fuse, cement, link up, ligature, bracket, hamper, inhibit, tie up, have got, tie, solidify, seam, gravel, clip, compel, cuff, subject, plight, make over, obligation, purl, cohere, braid, draw, pose, tweak, commit, combine, lace, book, irons, control, beautify, apply, wedge, handcuff, curb, moderate, blend, decorate, pen in, fetter, knot, nurse, adhere, glue, take, cleave, bridle, bracelet, take hold, bandage, pickle, Dutch, enthrall, join, buttonhole, enslave, chemistry, hitch, fasten, conform, prevail, sew, abut, berth, defy, stick together, marry, lash, mix, jam, keep back, restrict, hold, arrest, knit, admit, zip, engage, mix up, twist, collar, rapport, deep water, retain, tack, bewilder, amaze, baffle, merge, quagmire, subordinate, declare, dumbfound, quilt, shackle, nonplus, mandate, stupefy, limit, baste, tie down, bond, chain, flummox, hinge, deem, obligate, connection, hold back, concur, follow, tangle, box, dissolve, affix, truss, ally, predicament, adorn, yoke, bring together, couple, strap, stay put, beat, scrape, throw, subjugate, care for, quandary, detain, lodge, check, hinder, associate, sequester, manacle, intermingle, paste, integrate, withstand, stick by, restrain, wind, sustain, connect, fix, obtain, attach, stitch, keep, intertwine, have, reserve, dress, cling, cross-stitch, mire, constipate, draw together, moor, dilemma, oblige, seize, hold fast, mingle, hot spot, rabbit hole, catch-22, accommodate, impede, hold up, get, leash, constrict, maintain, infringe, charge, embellish, hold in, give, mystify, easy, link, bear, secure, clinch, stick to, conjoin, embroider, harness, jackpot, partnership, difficulty, stay, gag, puzzle, stick with, stir in, halt, bind off, ornament, confiscate, annex, illuminate, band, suture, agree, hot water, rattrap, impound, contain, entertain, reconciliation, take for, string, make, association, relations, soup, sticky wicket, impasse, stand by, view as, stipulate, tether, spot, gussy up, pledge, fence in, trouble, stick, stick around, juxtapose, guard, defend, wed, swamp, relate, confine, tighten.

set free, unfasten, loose, unbrace, untie, unbind, unlace, unloose, free.

Examples of usage:

1) The men standing round, and knowing Simon well, might turn away to hide a smile; but Simon knew the Lord had found him, and uttered the very word which could bind him for ever to Him. - "The Expositor's Bible: The Gospel of St. John, Vol. I", Marcus Dods.

2) He had not tried to bind her by any formal engagement, and he had kept to the spirit as well as to the letter of the law. - "Jane Oglander", Marie Belloc Lowndes.

3) Mamma will bind it, for you have to do for those horse and the mule. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.