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Spell check of hook

Correct spelling: hook

spur, apprehend, imbue, pull off, intoxicate, gip, carry, displume, box end wrench, snap, goldbrick, bat, go up, tell on, bow, address, billing, smash, move up, sock, gyp, clout, pussyfoot, buckle, twitch, hat pin, trammel, slam, rap, rob, angling, nab, vellicate, pick up, agent, fishing line, bop, bag, rise, needle, face-lift, fuse, betray, draw poker, bare-knuckle, draw play, crook, attractor, medium, grasp, welt, solicit, cross, brad, binding, twinge, glom, overturn, grapnel, hit, filing cabinet, cop, hassock, annul, knitting, shop, paste, mulct, rescind, rat, tweak, entrap, surcharge, go-between, dressing table, drawing card, standoff, plagiarise, cleat, switch, suture, lance, bait, clip, haul, drift net, branding, clutch, tap, catch, bang, cotter, countermand, fastener, entirely, repeal, preen, spear, capture, band, sneak, tack, congratulate, romance, splice, wham, cement, con, bracket, slap, interest, cabbage, count out, grip, ensnare, hasp, awl, plagiarize, clinch, boxing, lure, intrigue, vise, dazzle, belt, snitch, rustle, bookcase, grass, lick, stay, pick off, brace, bradawl, corner, quirk, knot, pride, rivet, bend, attract, soak, stinger, quarter note, elevate, nail, crochet, come on, harpoon, hit it up, fleece, deplume, knock-off, slip, pick, attraction, rear, binder, thread, punch, sweetening, creel, hold on, tweet, plunk, raise, cast, decoy, dash off, join, hinge, weld, pelt, quirkiness, coupling, adspend, connector, chain, overcharge, hornswoggle, footstool, crimp, enthuse, drench, sweetener, creep, shave, nobble, mediator, dress, trap, come up to, glue, fastening, quill, applicator, thwack, defraud, swerve, move, douse, scam, direct mail, pike, ligament, string, shoot, toss off, hold tight, plume, bookshelf, strike at, hoist, cradle, bite, guy, overload, short-change, strap, event marketing, connect, thumbtack, diddle, camber, middleman, give away, skewer, draw, bunco, play, inspire, bar, cincture, campaign, arch, stag, hack, hustle, cull, shear, buzz, big game, drop, court, advertising, thud, gullibly, rabbet, excite, tool, coat peg, lot, accost, crotchet, cuff, pull, neutralize, blowlamp, fix, blowtorch, machete, secure, woo, spine, clap, claw, snarf, come up, plump, abstract, pincer, beg, tie, adjustable wrench, hang, do in, coatstand, twine, uprise, blood sports, motivate, bust, squeeze, waste, snare, poke, liquidate, fillip, lift, fishhook, bantamweight, attracter, cheval glass, swipe, larrup, dowse, pass, arrest, prong, vinculum, bolt, cockpit, bond, haymaker, arm-wrestling, chela, stripe, clamp, braid, souse, fasten, pawn, addict, collar, inebriate, victimize, tear, bout, top, button, fling off, thieve, pinch, pin, round, hooking, sop, console, Allen wrench, barb, denounce, whack, kidnap, curve, swindle, boxer, bring up, deplumate, sweep, spike, chop, latch, anchor, cinch, gazump, get up, revoke, mouse, drifter, pound, kick, queerness, zipper, dragnet, sag, dribble, box, rook, lock, primp, beat, link, wallop, buffet, mucilage, lash, affiliate marketing, abduct, clasp, clickthrough, stitch, swat, grab, smack, spank, dab, biff, scythe, bonding, entire, hawser, oddity, reverse, closure, bash, completely, seal, thump, gimlet, bill, hitch, hock, pilfer, roll, fishing rod, knock, enticement, vacate, airlift, neutralise, hang on, wind, bit, bellows, purloin, pluck, filch, hook shot, lace, whop, attach, nipper, haulage, staple, arise, slug.

undercharge, unhook.

Examples of usage:

1) No, henceforth I'm going to travel with a responsible manager or on my own hook. - "Leo the Circus Boy", Ralph Bonehill.

2) When the Elder entered his front door at noon, his first glance was at the rack in the corner of the hall, where, on the left- hand hook, Peter Junior's coat and hat had hung when he was at home, ever since he was a boy. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.

3) Men were dashing about in the middle of the street, shouting to each other, and an ancient fire engine had just been dragged into view, with the hook- and- ladder wagon trailing in its wake. - "The Man from Jericho", Edwin Carlile Litsey.