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Spell check of free

Correct spelling: free

devoid, void, unbosom, assoil, unimprisoned, plain, self-governed, bust out, lighten, cease, dependence, separate, dormant, man-to-man, justify, released, available, vacate, directly, degage, secrete, bare, shut, escapee, quiet, turn, expel, aweigh, credit history, unbound, handsome, uncommitted, quit, slaveless, tolerant, gratuitous, self-sufficient, eject, excuse, exculpate, untie, excess, redundant, cleared, save, drop, exonerate, scanty, empty, publish, flat out, bail out, deserted, surrender, usable, shrive, inoperative, unhampered, unforced, relinquish, self-governing, unpaid, relax, unselfish, salvage, guiltless, nihilistic, set-apart, volitional, poverty-stricken, destitute, chuck up the sponge, self-reliant, disencumber, freehearted, allow, at large, part with, supernumerary, gratis, wide-open, disembarrass, pardon, n/c, disentangle, deliver, defray, scot-free, separated, promiscuous, let loose, discharge, inert, dethaw, foreswear, presuming, ingenuous, stark, supererogatory, blank, abandoned, uninvolved, unsecured, salve, dissolve, put out, anarchic, apologize, reconcile, freestanding, assuage, unstinting, disengage, renounce, yield, untied, detached, give, set down, strike, vociferous, aerobic, unused, escaped, shift, unload, subject, discontinue, unconfined, drop by the wayside, unobstructed, immodest, generous, waive, unblock, disentangled, footloose, alkaloid, warrant, submit, concentrated, confined, unleash, break out, liberated, slacken, free-spoken, unleashed, relieve, idle, resign, baldly, free-floating, by choice, unstopped, vindicate, throw overboard, light, bump, slack, distribute, charged, disentwined, fulsome, unaffixed, give up, unimpeded, big, latent, hollow, imprisoned, forgo, clean-handed, uncrowded, loose, chemical equation, help, munificent, forward, dispatch, uninhabited, extra, public, fixed, free-soil, forego, fire, discharged, apologise, unloose, single, barren, put down, surplus, off-duty, unfettered, frank, derelict, delivered, disentwine, subdued, privilege, forfeit, anaerobic, familiar, unacquainted, drop out, sluttish, discrete, underemployed, freeborn, at liberty, fastened, free people, complete, unconnected, broad, throw in the towel, undone, owned, stop, still, openhanded, disengaged, contribute, kick, seasonal, unloosen, emphatically, free of, abandon, dead, disencumbered, go off, open, liberal, bighearted, going, uncompelled, unfreeze, bail, step down, let go of, restraint, giving, impoverished, dispel, accessible, emancipate, isolated, voluntary, freed, reprieve, outspoken, precise, autonomous, wobbly, lay off, large-minded, unbind, necessitous, rid, unclogged, hand over, unconstrained, unreserved, fallow, emancipated, thaw, unblocked, unthaw, exhaust, fall by the wayside, unoccupied, acquit, let out, breakout, sovereign, rationalise, hand, allay, independent, unregulated, unfetter, bleak, unrestricted, charitable, dislodge, democratic, forgive, leave office, innocent, atrip, stay, needy, disconnected, dispense with, willing, bounteous, cede, sinless, informal, vacant, impeccant, self-supporting, wanton, overfamiliar, out-of-school, untrammeled, license, reprieved, liberate, unchained, chemical, candid, alleviate, vocal, muster out, catalytic, take over, let off, clear, complimentary, courtesy, release, trim, indigent, withdraw, on the loose, unclosed, corrosive, unchain, emphatic, dismiss, absolve, throw in, willful, present, unfixed, off, bring out, spontaneous, loosen, uncaring, unembellished, except, reposition, bountiful, freehanded, melt, paid, unsparing, palliate, costless, set free, pointed, innocuous, issue, enfranchise, easy, alkaline, unsupported, unattached, drop off, outright, inexact, spare, let go, unrestrained, lavish, unornamented, rationalize, spendthrift, active, permit, exempt, bold, lax, remedy, money, extricated, ease, superfluous, desolate, unaffectionate, sleepy, unburdened.

cornered, fixed, captive, alive, subjugated, parsimonious, obstruct, lowly, immured, avid, chained, hampered, subordinate, anchored, obligate, impede, subdued, mean, going, plugged, practical, selfish, impeach, lodge, inferior, expensive, diffident, employed, detain, accuse, fastened, functioning, coveting, feasible, imprisoned, confine, frugal, adscripted, dependent, stick, mousy, unassuming, servile, functional, uncharitable, operative, avaricious, desirous, small, unassertive, jam, spare, encumbered, sedulous, useful, apply, begrudging, closed, operable, modest, cramped, dear, grudging, active, hoggish, miserly, enclosed, meek, indentured, cheap, immobilise, bashful, unfree, adjoining, rapacious, bind, unpretentious, trammeled, close, exact, resentful, enforce, stuffed, blockaded, mercenary, impeded, treed, energetic, shut, viable, hobbled, bound, condemn, demure, thrifty, living, wedge, jailed, jammed, timid, uncleared, oblige, vigorous, caught, close up, high, illiberal, at bay, conquered, adscript, operating, obstructed, convict, block, costive, serflike, nonautonomous, immobilize, slaveholding, tight, assiduous, itchy, humble, constricted, enslaved, industrious, dammed, freeze, shy, on, existent, subservient, operational, implement, niggardly, interfered, stingy, entangled, busy, ungenerous, prisonlike, acquisitive, envious, occupied, covetous, clogged, fettered, connected, bolted, closefisted, paid, compel, running, usable, retiring, caged, hindered, down-to-earth, penurious, subject, fault, confined, leashed, manacled, penned, timorous, obturate, impassable, tied, joined, kidnapped, trapped, inculpate, handicapped, charge, tightfisted, petty, stopped, mingy, occlude, conjugate, shackled, apprenticed, blame, conjugated, linked, chary, grasping, gated, articled, workable, costly, barricaded, working, blocked, attached, sparing, existing, restrained, stinting, nonsovereign.

Examples of usage:

1) They call it Cuba libre, free Cuba! - "The Mermaid of Druid Lake and Other Stories", Charles Weathers Bump.

2) If you were free? - "Jane Oglander", Marie Belloc Lowndes.

3) Now he is free- and yet will he bring them to- know. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.