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Spell check of hitch

Correct spelling: hitch

collar, go, captivate, layover, bank check, enamour, hook, ligament, overtake, turn, button, wrinkle, tour, relief, check-out procedure, rent, charm, hasp, braid, clasp, crouch, plait, fix, take hold of, nail, twitch, clinch, cleat, freeze, chit, buckle, becharm, hiatus, preventative, noise, rip, verification, hopple, thumb, ride, suture, birth control device, full stop, buck, substantiation, lash, stoppage, connector, shoot down, binding, handicap, chain, assay, pause, fuse, fascinate, plosive consonant, charge, balance, interlude, tick, reprieve, bonding, latch, deterrent, coupling, strap, rub, bond, disturbance, checkout, catch up with, join, bewitch, fastener, take in, circuit, fastening, hawser, tab, blockage, difficulty, incumbrance, capture, stick, block, hang-up, abut, plosive speech sound, watch, hindrance, duty tour, occlusion, thread, cheque, balk, staple, pin, cotter, bracket, spike, twine, term of enlistment, leaf, teething problems, triviality, zipper, grapnel, bend, snag, interval, tack, belt, clamp, hiccup, pinch, finger, bridle, prophylactic device, weld, noose, catch, check mark, contraceptive, bow, shoot, clip, mucilage, snap, blip, move, skewer, fasten, knitting, riff, stopover, paste, lace, knit, fetter, tie, zip, postponement, lock, cinch, link, tour of duty, splice, stitch, burden, confirmation, middleman, entrance, secure, bind, agent, onus, mediator, impediment, hinderance, espouse, arrest, tear, bother, riffle, load, suspension, crook, split, occlusive, prophylactic, see, point, obstacle, go against, mate, glue, stay, marry, relate, delay, baulk, stop consonant, trip up, go-between, cincture, sew, crane, tether, enamor, wed, hobble, glitch, spell, closure, interruption, marriage, cling, encumbrance, limp, affix, enchant, enlistment, break, tangle, recess, attach, go down, seal, hitchhike, stop, apprehension, double over, intervention, trance, vise, anchor, connect, rabbet, interference, bestride, vinculum, burrow, binder, yoke, flip, string, juxtapose, contraceptive device, hinge, plosive, curb, bolt, brace, couple, band, overhear, diaphragm, cruise, weave, shuttle, come up, yank, pick up, flick, chip, medium, preventive, cover, baste, loop, gimp, full point, knot, guy, commute, view, wipe, cement, brad, grab, annex, taking into custody, rivet, cower, check, beguile, halt, adhere, get, merge.


Examples of usage:

1) There's not a hitch in the whole thing. - "The Man from Jericho", Edwin Carlile Litsey.

2) But the hitch arose when the farmer found himself unable to maintain a fair basis of exchange. - "Frying Pan Farm", Elizabeth Brown Pryor.

3) Hitch your wagon to a star. - "Dollars and Sense", Col. Wm. C. Hunter.