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Spell check of insure

Correct spelling: insure

envision, jibe, ascertain, comprehend, guaranty, cross, figure, learn, certify, encounter, construe, breed, contributory, assure, curb, tell, keep in line, promise, get over, turn back, fancy, check off, mark off, take in, visit, check out, stop up, broker, hatch, actuary, date, progress, come across, run across, operate, reckon, pick up, get across, get a line, certain, determine, check over, adjuster, shroud, ice, go through with, traverse, encompass, overlay, reassure, understand, tick, cut across, realize, wrap up, experience, delay, agree, witness, get wind, match, pass over, extend, subvent, overcompensate, guarantee, condition, benefit, plow, stop, subvention, consider, safeguard, catch, compensate, ensure, mark, go over, run into, collision damage waiver, brood, check, batten down, project, see to it, track, check into, train, address, underwrite, escort, bond, plug, handle, incubate, tick off, embrace, gibe, command, look into, go steady, undertake, fasten, adopt, watch, cover up, pledge, verify, warrant, look, report, continue, cut through, implement, fit, view, secure, enforce, affirm, procure, chequer, go out, hear, discipline, cinch, attend, find out, go through, checker, meet, examine, find, master, arrest, hold in, image, cover, manipulate, hold back, contain, actuarial, control, get word, hide, fix, comprehensive, break, tally, realise, enshroud, spread over, take care, deal, assurance, see, correspond, discover, carrier, batten, suss out, visualise, regard, treat, picture, visualize, check up on, countersign, protect, hold, vouch, interpret, moderate, carry through.

enfeeble, undermine, weaken.

Examples of usage:

1) To insure Mr. Peary all the honor, his men were made slaves to his cause. - "My Attainment of the Pole", Frederick A. Cook.

2) Made me insure stock and homestead in his company- and I guess he stuck me over that. - "A Prairie Courtship", Harold Bindloss.

3) In return the railway demands high- class immigrants and, to insure this, no settler can take possession of a railway farm unless he can show $ 2, 000 in his own right. - "History of the United States, Volume 6 (of 6)", E. Benjamin Andrews.