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Spell check of draft

Correct spelling: draft

wad, tab, Chinook, haul, fit, brewer, delineate, atmosphere, burden, quaff, spatter, frame, construct, breeze, bankroll, whirlwind, foster, petty cash, cargo, treasure, document, swag, mouth, formulate, credit, snort, ways and means, concept statement, receipts, airflow, sip, antidepressant, drink, gust, sup, set down, push, outline, best-of-breed, fashion, anticoagulant, bank note, puff, bond, dossier, spending money, twister, lading, condensation, potation, splash, arrange, marshal, weight, fleeting, dress, lien, pour out, drag, selective service, devise, anaesthetic, amphetamine, money order, greenback, consent form, circumscribe, anesthetic, AWOL, blueprint, promissory note, bench, moisture, articulate, wherewithal, slug, selection, stock, nip, silhouette, note, conscript, wealth, call up, pocket money, anabolic steroid, coupon, traction, enlistment, wail, annual report, shot, issue, proceeds, bank, banking, brewery, sterling, set, transcribe, adumbrate, bank book, design, caged, blow, anthropoid, dose, freight, short-term, tipple, variable, warrant, gross, microbrewery, skeleton, trickle, control, current, copy down, draw, mobilize, tornado, BIPS, captive, short-lived, APR, arboreal, form, profit, assignment, commission, storm, jigger, get down, plans, receipt, hurricane, draft in, drawing off, nugget, passing, scratch, purse, profile, jet, wind, dough, tally, muster, record, bullion, picture, confidentiality agreement, asexual, pull, limn, wampum, air current, assets, planned, floating, rough drawing, curry, pounds, check, borrower, temporary, blast, breathable, head, bank draft, coinage, lucre, gold, flap, airless, ventilate, amphibious, brief, outfit, figure, mortgage, draft copy, air, muster in, fabricate, currency, roar, trace, furnish, capital, damper, money, cashier, give, tempest, certificate, worth, net worth, prime, airborne, sketch, make, blue book, transient, exhale, dollar, prepare, swill, loading, equip, gale, ready, induction, engage, commissioner, rage, belt, valve, conscription, cash, glass, write, antacid, bank statement, silver, bill of exchange, gulping, gulp, words, androgynous, loan, balance, drop, swig, trade wind, bill, lottery, ingot, represent, mash, draught, enlist, antidote, inconstant, contour, cyclone, wallet, compose, plan, buy out, order of payment, loot, captaincy, airy, brew, income, antibiotic, payload, draftsmanship, develop, balance sheet, analgesic, leak, trust, IOU, moolah, bluster, blizzard, charter, rough, enrollment, dense, company report, captain, bank rate, aquatic, freshen, funds, change, drawing, copper, squall, levy, drafting, account, river, bulk, fortune, registration.

discharge, muster out.

Examples of usage:

1) This letter, with the draft beside it, lay upon his table in the light of a lamp none too clean. - "The Man from Jericho", Edwin Carlile Litsey.

2) In the meanwhile, he would charge me interest on the amount of that draft. - "The Greater Power", Harold Bindloss W. Herbert Dunton.

3) He waved this question aside with a long draft of stout. - "I Walked in Arden", Jack Crawford.