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Spell check of belt

Correct spelling: belt

cuff, chop, hitch, switch, clamp, stitch, quaff, conservancy, sash, eye, twine, swipe, hawser, mediator, snap, biff, enclosure, pick, cup, bop, ligament, smasher, smash-up, aperitif, knot, connector, link, overhead, roast, slam, clinch, douse, stripe, lash, fuse, spank, fasten, domain, stun, tack, border, swig, go-between, spike, punch, cummerbund, stay, conservation area, brad, cotter, sip, bonding, box, cincture, district, hasp, slap, knitting, knocking, gulp, hack, brace, unsporting, fringe, pin, bracket, foul, whang, bearing, skewer, breadbasket, speed, wham, binding, latch, beat up, pelt, vise, lick, clasp, dart, unzip, middleman, clip, dab, batter, black belt, smack, lace, country, vinculum, do, swill, alcohol, smash, tie, buffet, county, whop, chain, cam, hip-hop, swat, potation, braid, plump, corridor, kick, drag, bang, seal, area, sock, blast, Master, staple, sup, airspace, kung fu, judo, grapnel, double, acreage, catch, agent, suture, zipper, jujitsu, blame, neck of the woods, Co., nail, string, swath, blow, zip up, zip, the borderland, beat, strike, girdle, poke, wallop, bank, button, rap music, unjust, band, thwack, locality, bludgeon, mouth, pound, welt, dry land, ball bearing, ancillary, brawl, rivet, thud, territory, paste, guy, chaser, bash, hinge, eyelet, eruption, drawstring, booze, glue, claim, braces, race, do up, larrup, flush, camshaft, rush, attack, bat, hasten, splice, cleat, carriage, thread, martial art, bridge, closure, cufflink, haymaker, drink, crash, bust, lock, bucket, karate, whack, zone, region, fillip, outpace, neighborhood, fly, clap, cement, mucilage, quarter, belt out, chamber, strip, bond, slug, hit, buckle, surge, snort, tap, thump, fastening, medium, boot, unfair, dram, bolt, stinger, conk, shot, draft, anchor, bam, spur, cinch, weld, binder, hook, charge, rabbet, strap, fastener, unbutton, rap, coupling, unfasten, gallop, pat, thrill, clout, pull, nip, knock, tract.


Examples of usage:

1) How did ye get th' belt? - "My Lady of the Chimney Corner", Alexander Irvine.

2) Well, me bhoy, there must b' quite a wheen, thrainin' fur me belt in Anthrim! - "My Lady of the Chimney Corner", Alexander Irvine.

3) This was a narrow belt of " water- sky," which indicated open water or very thin ice at no great distance. - "My Attainment of the Pole", Frederick A. Cook.