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Spell check of beat

Correct spelling: beat

foil, catch, won, thresh, wiped out, stick by, cry, beleaguer, impulse, cool, outperform, outmaneuver, bemuse, ring, maltreat, dominion, throw, canton, burned-out, hightail it, reverberated, vacillated, clatter, bleary, jaded, dodge, twinkling, ripple, disturb, drive, outmanoeuvre, bleed, exceed, clangor, rally, daily round, region, demolish, burnish, father, wobble, trounced, battle-ground, oscillated, rile, get to, wink, enclosure, instant, retick, swing, flitter, hem in, pound, tremble, pound off, sector, astonish, overcome, bring, B, run away, lumber, remonstrate, prevail against, chew up, lot, flop, turn, flutter, jumble, thunder, thud, pay off, round, chant, jiffy, duck, rumbled, induce, get up, quarter, chastise, rip off, paste, checkpoint, predominated, scold, pulsed, pulsation, clean up, surpass, done in, acquire, hide, ace, lace, clue, triumph, musical rhythm, deplete, triumphed, find, one shot, arrest, smack, played out, vanquish, skirt, start, humbled, blaze, place, riding, outplayed, squash, metre, poke, amphitheater, surpassed, bone up, complicate, slap, rattle, gymnasium, butchery, lecture, pulsate, make, earldom, lambaste, forge, clash, aweary, rocked, incur, come together, setting, outperformed, mystify, captured, big, duchy, generate, clink, outfox, mother, excel, take to the woods, mark off, brood, grumbled, mensuration, vibrated, beat out, vacillate, double flat, rag, surmount, stagger, bring off, shinny, plot, better, scat, strike, zone, anticoagulant, Colosseum, quake, get under one's skin, drone, crotchet, area, develop, lather, vex, irritate, play out, heart rate, amaze, thrash, subjected, fly the coop, rhythm, wash up, receive, drummed, cadence, begin, stay put, assail, suffer, set out, all-points bulletin, hippodrome, prostrate, agent provocateur, sting, bunk, scourge, bat, outstripped, blacksmith, confuse, commonweal, pen, empire, palpitate, cheep, shin, chase, gravel, hum, chirp, become, alternation, flummox, castigate, bilk, libration, start out, light, gallery, weary, room, slash, go ahead, whisk, overthrown, round of drinks, pay back, wave, outflank, turf, lay into, outmatch, seesawed, blink of an eye, clattered, tuckered, amount, tremor, outwit, get, outstrip, buzzed, befuddle, master, oscillate, trim, baffle, bruise, stave, bill, division, thwack, chanted, eject, take, flog, wagged, quiver, berate, do, Amber alert, flap, lick, tapped out, wobbled, hit, agitate, rattled, beget, carve, annoy, bobbed, measure, spent, box, rumble, whop, confound, bind, cane, artery, besiege, fetch, ticktack, quantity, break down, quell, drained, count, thundered, district, ticked, buzz, troll, tire, swot, radiated, paddle, thrum, stick around, turn tail, posture, arrive, worst, oppress, alternated, expel, worn-out, mark, bone, reprimand, fix, courtyard, trumped, pose, lash, commence, regulate, campus, position, wipe out, bout, attain, attack, circuit, circle, tucker, scram, alternate, domain, defeated, baste, consume, run, reverberate, stage, palpitation, bullion, logy, exceeded, produce, surround, ABO system, Bohemian, province, clampdown, country, preface, shake up, wearied, drum up, cram, get at, frustrate, outclassed, whack, C, release, reverberation, perplex, crucible, sway, flicker, cleave, go, squeeze, throw together, rival, manage, dukedom, dead, territory, pass, standard, hedge, thump out, run through, cheat, reward, bring forth, monumental, reproof, shell, unit of ammunition, vanquished, arena, call down, stun, heartbeat, anvil, routed, thump, beat up, nettle, overthrow, neighborhood, conquered, clout, humble, sock, chattered, break away, fluctuation, cross, welt, colony, overthrew, haemorrhage, rung, work over, engender, discharge, pooped, swat, field, tap out, fluctuated, outplay, capped, let, quelled, ram, tired, dress down, impound, set, pother, ground, affect, eclipse, overshadow, locality, sire, chisel, worry, totter, to a fault, parcel, adhere, assemble, bludgeon, precinct, bewilder, top, D, check off, best, bother, chew out, check, tottered, defeat, beaten, jump, bar, radiate, cuff, cling, undulated, blast, outsmart, obtain, wallop, worn, belt, aim, jaw, meter, spank, husk, grind away, skin, elude, overreach, exhausted, flash, tick, overturned, foiled, knock, roll, rise above, throb, transcended, beatnik, outclass, measuring stick, teeter-totter, transcend, subdue, chafe, fudge, besot, grumble, thrummed, punch, batter, bawl out, outshine, scramble, experience, subject, stay, repetition, speech rhythm, washed-out, put, m, undulation, capture, nark, trembled, vibration, split second, strap, smite, smash, rap, touchstone, deceive, crown, chord, mash, all in, astound, lam, throbbed, pommel, mix, swayed, fluctuate, unconventional, struggle, buzz off, belabor, hemorrhage, knowledge, rhythm method, regular recurrence, tucker out, stir, stir up, pummel, bump, Shire, hall, butter, achieve, mug up, punish, drowsy, leather, waggle, hold fast, knock out, present, wag, hammer, impersonate, stimulate, outdone, oscillation, predominate, accomplish, surmounted, get down, excelled, clot, eat up, outrun, stick, battlefield, bass, cohere, locale, conquer, contract, county, blanch, crush, clamber, tract, bushed, flail, trice, overturn, eclipsed, bastinado, aorta, checkmate, knackered, kingdom, stump, drum, ticktock, slug, ct., vacillation, lodge, cycle, dozy, clip-clop, clack, exhaust, alight, overcame, maul, librate, sidestep, bash, nation, whale, have words, cudgel, come, chatter, rough up, subdued, flagellate, club, checkmated, run down, commove, atheroma, puzzle, theater, municipality, scotch, birch, set about, escape, scarper, realm, stand by, switch, swot up, put off, lay, bested, dumbfound, lambast, bake, squelch, overpowered, auditorium, crushed, hummed, grow, tick off, butcher, discombobulate, wedge, win, evade, stick to, rock, limp, bond, trounce, waver, measuring, sustain, measurement, sit, rebuke, APB, outdid, subjugate, highly, strum, trump, glare, calendar method, bugger off, convey, bailiwick, step, chill, cadency, borough, sleepy, whipped, teeter-tottered, eat, thwart, done, buffet, caw, head for the hills, raise up, droned, blend, coo, clobber, bang, overpower, pulse, rout, bob, vibrate, bleeding, outdo, staggered, chide, cause, sputter, measuring rod, time, suppress, state, seesaw, model, circumvent, draw, cap, overtake, drub, call on the carpet, criterion, pinch-hit, pulsing, tan, round of golf, ram down, circus, resonance, have, atrium, A, lurch, pound up, assault, defraud, use up, do the dishes, racket, spoil, city, dither, succeed, rolled, whip, sap, overshadowed, lave, parry, mastered, harmonic motion, pull off, personate, fatigued, click, jam, undulate, dupe, nonplus, pulse rate, pulsated, town, stupefy.

go down, fall, fail, invigorated, fresh, strong, energetic, rejuvenated, go under, unwearied, surrender, revitalized, rested, vitalized, active, tireless, weariless, strengthened, relaxed, refreshed, peppy.

Examples of usage:

1) But I'll be blowed if ever I have seen anything to beat this. - "The Mermaid of Druid Lake and Other Stories", Charles Weathers Bump.

2) Her heart beat fast with excitement, as it often did these days, when she heard them talk of the war and the men who went away, perhaps never to return, or to return with great glory. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.

3) Stas' heart beat with joy, but at the same time Chamis' words surprised him. - "In Desert and Wilderness", Henryk Sienkiewicz.