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Spell check of assemble

Correct spelling: assemble

fulfil, gear up, put up, arrange, collaborate, converge, incorporate, conform to, blend, pitch, accumulate, join, pick, glue, infuse, shape, summon, fall in, put in, call, pull together, manufacture, foregather, rear, fit, meet, get together, install, scatter, forge, compose, receive, satisfy, congregate, hang on, match, rig, patch, establish, concentrate, join forces, construct, mobilize, contact, nibble, put, rendezvous, group, tuck, prepare, entrap, collate, touch, welcome, lay out, pick up, flip-flop, piece, make up, put together, fabricate, take on, band, corral, unite, convoke, gain, come across, flip, append, launch, concenter, lump, combine, forgather, bunch, effectuate, adjoin, amalgamate, conglomerate, round up, pile up, bump into, cope with, instal, disperse, convene, see, tack on, play, build, found, bulk, fashion, weld, run into, set up, order, effect, fix, tag on, fulfill, fuse, pucker, tack, confect, compound, brew, frame, erect, baste, break, constellate, set, cluster, garner, fill, greet, aggregate, interchange, alternate, gather, mix, mold, solder, produce, raise, suffer, run across, switch, cooperate, encounter, compile, amass, wear round, collect, concoct, make, muster, model, cumulate, ensnare, tack together, piece together, disassemble, rally, ready.

discharge, dissolve, disband, scatter, depart, dismember, dissociate, divide, break apart, dissipate, disunite, blow up, disconnect, raze, adjourn, separate, demolish, shatter, devastate, take down, explode, sever, take apart, demount, detach, disintegrate, wreck, dismantle, break up, disengage, knock down, leave, smash, strike, send, flatten, destroy, pull down, level, split, tear down, take off, ruin, pulverize, disassemble, disjoin, dispel, disperse, dismiss, prorogue, ruinate.

Examples of usage:

1) The better class of citizens began to assemble, but these were content to wait; they wanted to be on hand when the doctor's verdict was given out. - "The Man from Jericho", Edwin Carlile Litsey.

2) But instead of doing anything of this sort, Miss Tredgold resolved to assemble the children after breakfast the next day, and to talk to them in a very plain way indeed; to assemble all before her, and to entreat the guilty ones to confess, promising them absolute forgiveness in advance. - "Girls of the Forest", L. T. Meade.

3) He had to put his building into perfect order before the classes began to assemble at eight in the morning. - "Ethel Morton at Chautauqua", Mabell S. C. Smith.