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Spell check of block

Correct spelling: block

gas chamber, plosive consonant, disadvantage, hamstring, hectometer, point, lot, embarrassment, pillory, overgorge, banish, jampack, obviate, cram, closing, fend off, complicate, full stop, obstruction, debar, coalition, scaffold, finish, lug, deter, chain, entrap, let, shut off, shut, close off, knot, cylinder block, occlusive, neighborhood, clump, curtail, noddle, blockage, intercept, stoppage, barrier, gormandize, bar, constraint, city block, impedance, constipate, stem, counteract, micron, plosive speech sound, draft, turn away, chock up, tote, pile, meter, assemblage, tackle, hamper, close, section, keep mum, mental block, table, trap, traverse, set, step, slab, batch, ban, handicap, regular hexahedron, solid, ward off, give up, lock, fudge, noggin, ell, street, barricade, put off, truncheon, damper, leave, criterion, close up, oppress, huddle, dam, base, wall, exclude, encumbrance, clog, trammel, farce, party, bean, resistance, gorge, settlement, bafflement, check, pulley-block, detain, nut, abash, hinder, hedge, sidestep, bend, array, bloc, fathom, blocking, captivity, balk, law of closure, bunch, stop, foot, frustrate, inch, adumbrate, congest, intersection, lash, evade, stopover, scarf out, freeze down, fetter, squeeze, help, pate, end, hitch, second, mire, kibosh, union, stanch, counter, seal off, league, wheel, diaphragm, foul, bung, prevent, square block, bury, passel, beat up, guillotine, conk, beat, close down, latch, hunk, jail, snarl, catch, bull whip, rawhide, lay off, shut up, cripple, electric chair, quadrilateral, rod, draw a blank, closedown, crimp, curb, deny, dummy up, crush, parcel, solitary confinement, quit, outline, paralyze, constipation, preclude, alliance, whip, jam, baffle, gallows, chunk, distract, brake, stake, choke, disapprove, restrain, control, glut, stop over, decameter, wing, staunch, immobilise, grouping, deterrent, body, refuse, oblong, impede, rack, tug, shutdown, halt, noose, stymy, impediment, pig out, delay, occlude, prison, package, disallow, stuff, band, gourmandize, prohibit, block off, foil, charge, segment, freeze out, engine block, overindulge, stave off, suspend, side, occluded front, forefend, centimeter, snag, manacle, forbid, throng, clutch, ingot, ram, cross, gormandise, mazard, seal, sketch, noodle, sect, engorge, decimeter, barricado, yard, ax, entanglement, battery, angstrom, wad, combination, restraint, bottleneck, impasse, tangle, mil, freeze, congestion, clam up, stymie, break, secure, collection, head off, thwart, block up, stone, obturate, resolution, measure, duck, join, forget, square, blockade, shut down, contain, piece, constellation, break off, auction block, encumber, deflect, pulley, disqualify, nob, embarrass, mass, dodge, confederation, complication, shove, bank, cube, fasten, binge, belt up, loaf, suppress, closure, cowhide, restriction, switch, combine, occlusion, drag, head, englut, frustration, obstruct, pin, relegate, elude, holdback, gibbet, brick, rectangle, forfend, mile, millimeter, hit, muster, arrest, discontinue, axis, planned, clod, cramp, suite, restrict, circumvent, outlaw, rope, tree, fold, layover, parry, kilometer, hold, skirt, stocks, avert, choke up, stumbling block, hold on, federation, button up, interruption, slice, hindrance, full point, cloture, gag rule, pack, plosive, open, burden, entangle, thong, resist, stay, obstacle, be quiet, interference, interrupt, satiate, cluster, hoist, drawback, cake, oppose, third power, mob, impair, hold back, clot, stop dead, plug, cane, overeat, reject, strap, birch rod, inhibition, blank out, distance, immobilize, bolt, terminate, avoid, inhibit, opposition, maiden, hurdle, thrust, poll, stop consonant, ingurgitate, minute, turn back, cease, iron, shackles, constrain, gag law.

catalyst, advantage, incentive, impetus, entity, remember, unit, spur, disengage, item, benefit, call up, handmaiden, edge, help, unblock, loosen up, break, assistance, boost, recall, stimulant, unstuff, aid, free, stimulus, call back, single, release, think, unfreeze, goad, recollect, retrieve.

Examples of usage:

1) Nasmyth takes the first block, and Wheeler the other. - "The Greater Power", Harold Bindloss W. Herbert Dunton.

2) Any way, it seems to be in his block. - "The Greater Power", Harold Bindloss W. Herbert Dunton.

3) I want that land- the block you bought from Waynefleet. - "The Greater Power", Harold Bindloss W. Herbert Dunton.