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Spell check of flock

Correct spelling: flock

mountain, mass, caboodle, league, brood, crease, chaw, stud, bulk, cram, nest, mint candy, cloud, mickle, backing, meet with, fold, muckle, plug, atomic reactor, rout, hive, detachment, masses, coterie, tribe, faithful, clump, group, ruck, array, fate, dot, plenty, gaggle, legion, team, coalition, acolyte, softwood, party, assemblage, busload, hatch, upsurge, push-down store, congregation, staff, platoon, constellate, sess, flowerpot, outfit, plenitude, mound, sisters, voltaic pile, plenteousness, bundle, commode, deal, gather, great deal, down, communicant, string, push-down list, Baptist, whole lot, slew, smoke, bus, scout troop, flash mob, stuffing, pad, cumulus, plentitude, plunk, spate, bay window, sect, locoweed, piling, tummy, mussiness, surge, stilt, folding, battalion, weed, pile, caucus, good deal, atomic pile, bevy, bunch, body, crush, potful, division, throne, layman, convene, hoi polloi, cadre, sens, bunch up, club, corporation, brace, heap, herd, crew, ken, faction, push-down stack, mob, benefice, detail, wing, stack, Anglican, covey, aggregation, lining, Calvinism, junta, sight, army, gathering, wad, visual modality, tidy sum, hand, crimp, can, posse, gage, crapper, drove, clique, brethren, kitty, score, fleet, filling, survey, squad, society, nap, circle, cabal, beadle, push-down storage, phalanx, smokestack, view, company, flexure, potty, constellation, potbelly, chain reactor, throng, clutch, trade, tighten, jam, force, stool, churchwoman, cell, get together, scrum, galvanic pile, potentiometer, whole slew, raft, jackpot, lot, set, laywoman, retinue, assembly, union, spile, green goddess, assemble, mount, crowd, host, draw, sheepcote, Christendom, muddle, parishioner, litter, congregate, clan, brigade, batch, clop, Benedictine, luck, rush, plentifulness, plica, bike, business deal, kettle of fish, kapok, visual sense, troop, people, jalopy, age group, scout group, fix, horde, cud, mint, big money, troupe, freshet, mess, press, community, grass, Bible thumper, agglomerate, fortune, big, ring, big bucks, school, regiment, muster, band, meet, hatful, cumulation, messiness, cluster, flight, skunk, circumstances, gang, quite a little, swarm, plication, portion, bargain, sheepfold, destiny, collection, quid, mess hall, volume, pickle, vision, churchman, clomp, muss, multitude, bend, Amish, collect, sheep pen, passel, fraternity, megabucks, pack, fellowship, peck, chew, colony, clunk, complement.

Examples of usage:

1) Birds of a feather flock together. - "The Hilltop Boys on Lost Island", Cyril Burleigh.

2) He is uneasy for the country, and for his church; and if he could take his whole flock to heaven at once, that would please him most of all. - "The Maid of Maiden Lane", Amelia E. Barr.

3) About the big bills, I told the story of the farmer who had a large flock of chickens and an equally numerous flock of ducks. - "Memoirs of Orange Jacobs", Orange Jacobs.