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Spell check of band

Correct spelling: band

associate, colony, mountain, clamp, detail, tidy sum, great deal, rabbet, cement, doughnut, brad, nest, dew, deal, fleck, society, portion, thong, binding, staple, collate, gathering, fate, dance band, cleat, clinch, assemble, knot, girdle, crescent, blaze, striation, braid, fuse, mass, limit, fillet, police, phone, flock, disk, banding, fetter, wad, participate, stack, girl band, strip, brooch, share, bandage, host, stripes, college, slew, body, tape, roofy, call up, orb, batch, team, cincture, collaborate, splash, covey, surround, hawser, buckle, assemblage, combo, link, regiment, interweave, clan, division, cable, tack, round, nail, circuit, gang, coalition, begird, ring, confederate, shackle, bind, annulus, league, anchor, bolt, intertwine, twist, manacle, bar, collude, drove, assembly, restriction, enclose, skirt, wheel, circumstances, mob, stew, dovetail, aggregation, suture, bracelet, consort, quite a little, detachment, reciprocate, dewdrop, tie, hook, closed chain, paste, circlet, bevy, mint, hem in, sect, categorize, solidification, grade, knitting, rank, speck, peal, engirdle, ligature, downpour, discoloration, corps, interlace, vinculum, tintinnabulation, chevron, brigade, strap, litter, club, stage set, shading, avalanche, dress circle, ligament, coupling, zipper, anklet, chain, brace, interplay, lot, kettle, cotter, knell, luck, aggregate, cell, encompass, company, snap, collection, zodiac, fortune, irons, cone, peck, formation, gamelan, staff, fleet, readiness, draw, bowl, panel, rope, school, meridian, sort, curtain, girt, heap, coil, force, squad, good deal, lace, complement, stria, class, junta, echo, circumference, posse, cinch, check, agent, hasp, grapnel, caboodle, medley, mickle, telephone, rivet, costume jewelry, fellowship, harness, guy, mess, cord, rotary, blizzard, bond, spike, stitch, pile, troupe, cuff, boundary, phalanx, council, ribbon, bulge, latitude, splice, string, resound, ball, ringing, raft, cadre, assortment, mucilage, painter, bunch, army, passel, sash, curing, line, control, hoop, orbit, binder, stripe, partnership, trace, platoon, circle, clique, environ, roundabout, association, fraternity, lock, battalion, rophy, mediator, lap, flash mob, reverberate, hinge, middleman, handcuff, matter, tendon, union, encircle, solidifying, patina, hive, sight, grade insignia, mix, restraint, bonding, thread, glue, bangle, outfit, wing, vise, cloudburst, bubble, isthmus, caucus, connector, point, unite, set, cameo, dance orchestra, bracket, skewer, characterize, geometry, support group, cabal, federation, dot, catch, girth, eye, stay, trade, call, dressing, boy band, edge, hitch, destiny, contain, scarf, orchestra, hardening, confines, streak, mesh, omnium-gatherum, muckle, chamber orchestra, forget me drug, ensemble, traffic circle, overlap, group, party, pack, ally, fastening, anchor ring, choker, tribe, pin, pool, retinue, loop, acid rain, faction, weld, organization, plenty, fastener, halo, bent, collect, border, troop, engulf, closure, gyre, exercise set, brass band, gird, crew, classify, crowd, balloon, constraint, medium, envelop, co-operate, deluge, compass, spate, belt, zone, limitation, herd, latch, go-between, commission, button, concur, salad, seal, affiliate, hatful, clasp, intermesh, bandeau, coterie, bloc, clip, range, truss, twine, collar, wire, compose, engird.

Examples of usage:

1) The band continued to play after Porler landed. - "Leo the Circus Boy", Ralph Bonehill.

2) Is there a band at the theatre? - "Marjorie Dean High School Freshman", Pauline Lester.

3) Oh, yes, there is a big, big band at the theatre. - "Marjorie Dean High School Freshman", Pauline Lester.