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Spell check of array

Correct spelling: array

troops, grouping, ulster, program, huddle, screen, integrate, stratify, start, class, robe, separate, legions, contraption, commence, boodle, coat, gown, drift, shirt, range, stabilize, cast, shorts, arrange, skirt, regulate, column, parcel, structure, articulation, topcoat, dress, blazer, dinner jacket, doublet, thread, phalanx, wrap, petticoat, housecoat, headdress, frame, ramble, lot, set about, halter, right, vesture, roam, body, beret, frock, collection, sarong, fur, garment, subsequence, consecutiveness, pillbox, string, balance, wander, present, ordinate, clutch, line, smoking jacket, disposal, run, linkage, sort, rationalize, consort, assemblage, get, type, kimono, put on, brassiere, configuration, get down, burnoose, best, establish, muster, v-neck, set up, unsnarl, link, bathrobe, feather, finery, prepare, dispose, glad rags, sari, scarf, orchestrate, bowler, crowd, jacket, crush, coordinate, distribution, cloak, homburg, graze, depart, sequence, gaiety, score, full dress, vestment, begin, methodize, pinafore, duds, stockings, harmonize, mediate, swan, accessory, unify, group, overcoat, bonnet, succeed, caftan, raiment, scheme, set, trick out, shoes, club, pull-over, force, jumper, clot, compose, series, line up, soldiers, control, busload, age group, check, setup, display, subordinate, consecution, greatcoat, crop, multitude, bunch, nightgown, Jersey, blouse, wrapper, classify, panties, blue jeans, beachwear, systematize, plan, pattern, schedule, suit, mackintosh, disposition, legion, raincoat, straddle, concatenation, casuals, vagabond, cape, army, chapeau, form, knot, dress up, rate, pile, trimming, frippery, military, combats, turtle-neck, fez, pea coat, sports coat, clothe, parka, align, poncho, pajamas, design, queue, accouterments, tunic, automation, progress, set out, outfit, dressing gown, plain, passel, sweat suit, coordinates, boot, gamut, legacy, collate, crinoline, caparison, armament, wear, consequence, bravery, devise, clump, schematize, pasture, camisole, aline, arrangement, windbreaker, fashion, contrivance, bank, kilt, tuxedo, attire, party, clothing, take off, prank, plot, represent, accouter, host, evening gown, normalize, stray, circle, trousers, big beast, shape, grade, chain, fix, footgear, black, soldiery, clothes, trench coat, band, habit, deploy, argyle, browse, set off, maintain, place, lineage, fedora, sift, procession, suite, chemise, rove, lay out, concatenate, regalia, sequel, set forth, chronology, ensemble, block, battery, roll, automaton, corset, Afghan, settle, forces, pants, black tie, civvies, organize, garb, heap, slicker, course, part, pyjamas, cluster, shawl, progression, deck, train, smock, categorize, battalion, black box, apparatus, support, order, package, layer, sweat shirt, slacks, batch, start out, arabesque, rank, ordering, clunker, hat, doll up, coloration, chart, t-shirt, succession, marshal, costume, sweater, adjust, baggies, pigeonhole, follow, Stetson, apparel, constellation.

dishabille, entity, disorganization, disruption, upset, disconnection, disjointedness, tatters, individual, disorder, single, confusion, disarray, item, unit.

Examples of usage:

1) This is particularly true of speeches founded on a dreary array of facts and statistics. - "Memoirs of Orange Jacobs", Orange Jacobs.

2) The three girls, each with the help of the other, managed to array themselves even to Briar's satisfaction. - "Girls of the Forest", L. T. Meade.

3) She sat with a sum before her on a slate, and blurred it with tears; and finally had a long array of bad marks, and was sent by the assistant governess to Miss Bayliff to receive a lecture, and to be given a long column of the Dictionary to write out and learn by heart in addition to her usual lessons. - "Little Miss Joy", Emma Marshall.