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Spell check of arrange

Correct spelling: arrange

lay out, formulate, calculate, enjoin, dress, coiffure, anticipate, prime, prune, negotiate, rank, ordinate, line up, tack, align, make, clothe, groom, present, countersink, put up, marshal, sort, regularize, tell, enclothe, rig, chart, commit, resolve, do, synthesize, set up, regularise, fix, localise, prepare, invest, design, consecrate, equip, fare, class, represent, say, methodize, score, ensnare, bother, coordinate, conceive, work out, follow, pose, format, clip, trim, define, range, control, typeset, collate, found, tog, habilitate, stamp, compose, planned, scheme, array, cause, screen, lop, fructify, fashion, raiment, decorate, expect, unify, fix up, concert, congeal, agree, place, disorganize, order, fit, mark, put together, shape, choreograph, dispose of, determine, erect, assort, map, coif, serve, garment, plant, suffice, invent, balance, dress out, plot, put, adjust, garnish, assign, specify, structure, crop, adapt, come, apparel, program, sic, gear up, support, practise, maintain, categorize, curry, premeditate, coiffe, instal, rear, lay, effectuate, go down, redact, launch, devise, pitch, get ready, unsnarl, constitute, integrate, project, transpose, exercise, intend, budget, brand, practice, fabricate, stabilize, codify, sequence, classify, construct, initialise, label, piece, govern, schedule, deploy, effect, bargain, answer, progress, localize, behave, direct, foster, mobilize, garb, outfit, settle, form, subordinate, rate, orchestrate, decide, strategize, plan, make ready, bring about, frame, conclude, initialize, systematize, transcribe, thread, beautiful, limit, concatenate, type, harmonize, jell, correct, organize, link, dress up, draw up, execute, couch, set, cast, tack together, stage, perform, normalize, install, snip, establish, make out, act, get along, get dressed, position, primp, raise, string, pigeonhole, fit out, sift, succeed, prescribe, regulate, dictate, queue, furnish, blueprint, ordain, plume, put in, assemble, go under, dispose, build, develop, ready, preen, cut back, right, draft, instrument, rationalize, mediate, schematize, manage, contrive, grade, propose, provide, aim, entrap, chain, designate, separate, stratify, blend, group.

protest, muss, dispute, upset, mess, call, disarrange, resist, disorder, debate, revoke, differ, oppose, rescind, repeal, counter, recall, disarray, derange, object, disagree, contest, rumple, abort, drop, call off.

Examples of usage:

1) Their movement was slow enough to give us plenty of time to arrange our battle tactics. - "My Attainment of the Pole", Frederick A. Cook.

2) I believe that Gordon and I can arrange that the boys do not hear of your recent action, and though you will take no further part in our affairs, you will stay on at the ranch. - "The Greater Power", Harold Bindloss W. Herbert Dunton.

3) In my own carriage, for I had taken post- horses on leaving the railway, I thought we could easily arrange a comfortable bed for the child. - "The Dead Lake and Other Tales", Paul Heyse.